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Leading supplier of automation software: Over 100,000 licenses shipped

Innovative products and solutions

PEER Group® provides innovative factory automation software solutions and consulting services to the semiconductor, photovoltaic, and electronics industries.

The world’s best manufacturing companies turn to us to solve their most challenging equipment automation, data management, and process control problems.


We lower the cost of automation for high-volume manufacturers and equipment suppliers

We convert labor-intensive custom solutions into re-usable software components and ultimately into reliable, configurable products.

We utilize our experience with both factories and equipment companies in order to develop connectivity and control solutions that make meaningful financial impact on equipment development, delivery and factory integration.

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Largest selection of equipment automation software products for high-technology manufacturing

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Latest news

Remicus™ enables secure remote connectivity
30 September 2015

Product releases

Remicus 1.2 - product launch
30 September 2015

PTO 6.4 - release updates
30 September 2015

ConX300, GWGEM, SDR 5.16 - release updates
30 September 2015

Featured products

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