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Seagate Magnetics is the world's leading manufacturer of hard disk drive media. Determined to modernize facilities and increase product yields, Seagate wanted a system that could automate disk cassette handling and efficiently load and unload process equipment. They needed a single, comprehensive automation system to perform these tasks and to meet several other significant goals:

  • Make better use of existing process equipment.
  • Improve product quality and process efficiency.
  • Lower unit cost by cutting work-in-progress inventories, reducing scrap, and avoiding rework.
  • Reduce potential contaminants in the clean room by reducing the number of operators.

PEER Group teamed up with robotics vendors and Seagate engineers to create a shop floor control system that provides more than basic automation. The system integrates Motoman robots and Applied Materials' Workstream™ to give Seagate substantial shop floor control capabilities:

  • Collect real-time quality data from automated process equipment.
  • Track disk cassettes along planned routes.
  • Control the robots and conveyors handling material flow.
  • Monitor the real-time status of the overall system and each work-cell.
  • Update Workstream with the latest work-in-progress information.
  • Manage all system components with an easy-to-use graphic user interface.

Our effective solution for Seagate's manufacturing challenges has lead Seagate to higher yields, higher quality production, and more control over their manufacturing process than ever before.

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