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PEER Group's ConX300™ is the leading connectivity software for enabling semiconductor equipment for 200mm and 300mm semiconductor factory automation. ConX300 supports all current SEMI 300mm connectivity standards for SECS/GEM, process management, carrier management, substrate tracking, control job management, equipment performance and reticle management as well as newer standards such as time synchronization and module process tracking. ConX300 is also compliant with International SEMATECH and SELETE Global Joint Guidelines documents. PEER Group’s involvement in 300mm standards activities ensures ongoing product compliance.

Easily add Interface A (EDA) functionality with  EIB® EDA (Equipment Information Bridge) providing compliance to SEMI EDA standards such as E120, E121, E125, E128, E132 and E134. 

SEMI 300mm automation standards

  • Supports all SEMI and SELETE GJG factory automation requirements for 300mm production.
  • Delivers to any factory host automation specification
    • Full compliance with all GEM and 300mm SEMI automation standards
      • SECS/GEM (E4, E5, E30, E37) and Photovoltaic PV2 (PVECI) provided by PEER Group's GWGEM® industry proven GEM connectivity product
      • E39 Object Services
      • E40 and E87 for Processing and Carrier Management
      • E90 Substrate Tracking
      • E94 Control Job Management
      • E109 Reticle and Pod Management
      • E116 Equipment Performance Tracking
      • E148 Synchronization and Definition of the TS-Clock Object
      • E157 Module Process Tracking
      • Automatically addresses inter-compatibility issues between SEMI standards E4, E5, E30, E37, E39, E40, E87, E90, E94 and E109.
      • Provides for synchronization with SEMI E84 (Enhanced Carrier Handoff Parallel I/O) to handshake between production equipment and AMHS.
  • Automatically processes, syntax checks, and replies to all messages mandated by specified SEMI standards.
  • Field-configurable adjustments ensure equipment compatibility with older, legacy host computers.
  • ConX300 runs on Windows and Linux operating systems. Visit the release history for details.
  • 150+
    OEM customers
  • 40,000+
    equipment connections in service
  • 70+
    tool platforms automated
  • 40+
    fab acceptances