At APC Conference, learn how to optimize throughput and collect EDA big data

Did you know we’re leading the industry initiative to update the SEMI® EDA standards to support big data collection in high-precision manufacturing? In a recent big data project, we increased throughput on a complex cluster tool by 13%.

APC conference 2018

The 30th Advanced Process Control (APC) Conference October 8-11, 2018 will address APC needs and solutions for the semiconductor and related industries. The conference website states that:

"APC methods include traditional capabilities of diagnostics and process control, but also include emerging capabilities associated with the move to implement Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 concepts; these extended APC capabilities include prediction technologies simulation, "digital twin" and big data infrastructures."

In his talk, "Building the road to Smart Manufacturing," Doug Suerich will introduce work underway by SEMI task forces and technical committees to update the SEMI standards in an effort to enable the vision proposed by the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) and move the state of the industry forward. This work includes updating the SEMI EDA standards to handle bigger data volumes and faster data throughput.

Doug will also present "Throughput optimization in sophisticated equipment," a case study in which we increased throughput on a complex cluster tool by 13% using only software and configuration changes.

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Join us at the 30th annual APC Conference in Austin, Texas October 8-11, 2018. Or, contact our sales team.

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