EIB Factory: smart connectivity for Smart Manufacturing   

Kitchener, Ontario - June 13, 2017

Factory-wide connectivity is the first step in realizing Smart Manufacturing in any high-tech facility. But, does your factory run all different types of equipment from dozens of vendors with different communications interfaces? Without a flexible connectivity solution, Smart Manufacturing could seem like an unachievable dream. 

Easy factory-wide connectivity 

Regardless of how your equipment communicates with your factory business systems (SECS/GEM, GEM 300, PV2, EDA, or custom protocol), you can connect to it using EIB® Factory. It’s a multi-connection, multi-protocol equipment communications server providing a single interface between all of your equipment and factory systems. 

Quick setup and integration 

EIB Factory ensures flexible automation communication and direct access to data from any of the equipment on your factory floor. Our connectivity designer (“Model Builder”) allows you to create equipment models quickly and integrate your equipment and sensors to your factory systems easily. EIB Factory is currently enabling common factory-to-equipment interfaces on over 50,000 active pieces of equipment.

The first step in Smart Manufacturing, made easy 

Don’t take a chance on an unproven product, or one that only supports SECS/GEM. Select EIB Factory. It’s the proven, reliable, and flexible connectivity solution that leading 24x7 manufacturers have trusted for years. EIB Factory is the safest and quickest way for you to guarantee factory-wide connectivity, the first step in Smart Manufacturing.

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Contact sales. In the meantime, have you heard our audio recordings? Tune in. 

  • In Episode 1, you’ll hear how our EIB® and Remicus® products can help you use your collected data to enable Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 within your factory.
  • In Episode 2, learn more details about EIB Factory. For more information about EIB Factory, see our product webpage

About PEER Group 

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