Introducing the fastest way to integrate tools into your factory 

 KITCHENER, Ontario – August 1, 2019

PFSC about

The PEER Group Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of PEER FACTORY® Station Controller (PFSC), our latest automation software product for semiconductor factories.

Using PFSC, you can develop equipment interfaces and build station controllers for all tools on your manufacturing floor, providing a generic communication layer between equipment and factory systems like the MES.

PFSC scope

“We know that time to market means time to value. With PFSC, you’ll integrate equipment into your factory faster than any other platform,” says Bob Kane, PEER Group’s director of factory sales.

“The beauty of PFSC is that we’ve simplified station controller development. We’ve made it easy to connect disparate systems and adapt to evolving equipment vendor changes and factory requirements,” Kane continues. 

PFSC’s advanced simulation environment also lets you test both happy path and abnormal scenarios before you get access to physical equipment, reducing your testing time and minimizing equipment downtime needed for software updates.

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Learn more about PFSC. 

Contact us to request a demo or schedule a meeting in Booth K3161 (1F) at SEMICON Taiwan.  

While at SEMICON Taiwan, join Doug Suerich when he presents “Accelerating your manufacturing with smart factory automation” on September 18 at 13:30 (Smart Manufacturing Journey, 1F).