PEER Group: “Best Workplace” for 5th consecutive year

Kitchener, Ontario - April 27, 2017

GPTW 2017

The PEER Group Inc. is delighted to announce that the Great Place to Work® Institute has named us one of the Best Workplaces in Canada for the fifth consecutive year. 

PEER Group sits at #24 on the 2017 list of medium-sized companies. Details appear in a special national report in today’s Globe and Mail.

“I often say that working at PEER Group is like living in a town, not in a city,” says Janice Retterath, director of HR & Admin.

“We strive to create a working environment where knowledge, skills, and talents come together on collaborative teams. Our employees work together, support each other, and have formed a community of respect. We share our triumphs and important life moments – the funny stories and the tragic ones. There’s always someone to listen, laugh, or help as the situation demands,” she continues.

“I’m very proud of our team for achieving this recognition annually for the past five years. Receiving this award in 2017 is especially exciting for us because PEER Group celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary this year,” says Mike Kropp, president and CEO.

In 2016, the company only had four employee departures; 4% is well below the average for technology companies in the KW area.

We asked our people why they love working here so much and this is what they told us!


Swati S.

Senior Software Developer 

“PEER Group is the best company I have worked for because it adds to my happiness; it doesn’t take away from it. I love working at PEER Group because ALL the leadership here – top to bottom – have “been there, done that.” They get it. They are humans first, then co-workers, and then managers. I am actually a nicer person, a better person because I work here. The people here lift you up with them.”


Pooya F.

Software Development Manager 

I love working at PEER Group because:

  • It allows me to have a great work-life balance
  • I'm trusted to be my best
  • It provides me with opportunities for growth and learning
  • I'm surrounded by kind people I enjoy working with
  • Its founders and executives care about employees
  • There is respect, food and fun, pursuit of great work in our industry
  • It's true what PEER Group says: "You work in a small company environment but deal in the big leagues"

Ursula M.

Team Lead, Information Development 

“I love working at PEER Group because of our strong team culture: people working together to do a good job, helping each other where they need it, and providing a safe place to explore new skills.”


Lukmon O.

Senior Software Developer 

“I love working at PEER Group because PEER Group is generous, transparent and feels like a family!”


Tracy M.

Sales Coordinator 

“PEER Group understands the importance of balance and the need for flexibility between work and home life. PEER values employee talents and dedication to making a successful company. That is rewarded in numerous ways: weekly treats, annual parties, profit sharing, etc.”


Scott F.

Software Developer 

“I love working at PEER Group because there are new challenges every day, the working hours are flexible, there is always something food-related going on, and because I get to see the fruits of my efforts during integration trips.”


Tina C.

Senior Information Developer 

“To me, PEER Group feels like family. The people here have supported me socially, emotionally, and intellectually over many years, and it’s because of them that I can feel successful and happy at work every day.”


Mike T.

Product Engineering Manager 

“I love working at PEER Group because of the work-life balance, interesting work, and challenges.”


Sara S.

Software Development Manager 

“I love the people at PEER Group: they’re friendly, engaging, and intelligent. I love the flexibility for work/life balance. And, I love the iCup coffee machine.”


Quentin E.

Senior Marketing Services Coordinator 

“PEER Group offers a great work-life balance which is very accommodating for personal events, like having triplets!”


Brenda A.

Project Accountant

“Working at PEER Group is like being with family all day, every day. The direction from top management trickles down to the newest employee (starting with first day lunches with Mike Kropp). This is a company that cares about its employees – the benefits, the profit sharing, the flex time. But you really get how great this company is when you have happy news to share (like TRIPLETS on their way!), or when you are dealing with a personal crisis (illness, death of a spouse). Everyone rallies around and offers support that goes beyond tokenism. It is this caring feeling that makes PEER Group the best place I have ever worked!”


Devin E.

Software Developer 

“PEER Group is the best company I have worked for because the owner cares about his employees and hard work is rewarded.”


Joanna A.

Software Development Manager 

“I love working at PEER Group because we do great teamwork on challenging problems in a very comfortable space.”


Scott M.

HR Coordinator 

“I love working at PEER Group because my manager is always helping me imagine the next step in my career. The people here collaborate but are also independent – our culture promotes team work and responsibility.”


Jennifer S.

Accounts Payable 

“I love working at PEER Group because it is a very friendly and positive work environment. The managers are amazing because they care about you and your wellbeing. PEER Group is the best company I have worked at because they genuinely care about their employees.” 


Mary S.

Travel Coordinator 

“What I like about working at PEER Group… it is all the little things we do and having people that support them and encourage doing them.”

About the Great Place to Work competition

This list of “Best Workplaces in Canada” is compiled by Great Place to Work® Institute Canada. The competition process is based on two criteria: two-thirds of the total score comes from a 58-statement survey completed by a random selection of employees, along with their open-ended comments about their organization; the remaining one-third of the score comes from an in-depth review of the organization’s culture, including an evaluation of HR policies and procedures. This offers a rigorous representation of the organization from an employee perspective, and an overall portrait of the workplace culture. Together, they provide crucial data relative to the five trust-building dimensions of a great place to work®: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.

About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. We are a research and consulting firm whose mission is to build a better society by helping companies transform their workplaces. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services, and employer branding programs, including workplace certification and Best Workplaces lists, Great Place to Work® provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and recognize outstanding workplace cultures. In Canada, Great Place to Work® produces the annual 100 Best Workplaces list, released in a national feature in the Globe and Mail. This is part of the world’s largest annual workplace study, which culminates in a series of national lists in over 50 countries, including the study’s flagship list of 100 Best companies published annually in Fortune magazine. Globally, this survey represents the voices of 11 million employees, including approximately 300,000 from Canada alone. It’s what makes this study so credible: the primary determinant used in selecting winners is an employee survey. There’s only one way to get on this list – and that’s if your employees put you there. 

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About PEER Group

Smart Manufacturing starts with factory automation software. PEER Group® provides the largest portfolio of factory automation software products and services to high-volume manufacturers and equipment makers in the semiconductor, photovoltaics (PV), and electronics industries. With over 100,000 licenses shipped, we are the leading supplier of factory automation software for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. We help lower the cost of automation for our customers by solving their most challenging equipment automation, data management, and process control problems. PEER Group received Intel Corporation Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) awards for our work in 2015 and 2016, and is recognized on the Great Place to Work® Best Workplaces Canada (2013-2017) and Branham300 (2012-2016) lists. Follow us on social at and @peergroup_inc.