Store 10x more data, 450x faster with EIB®

Kitchener, Ontario – November 30, 2018

Your customers ask you to do more for less. Here’s how we can help. With EIB®, you can store 10x more process and product data, 450x faster than a SQL database and use only 1/10th of the database size.

Yesterday, we released EIB 7.8, the latest version of our connectivity software for OEMs and factories. EIB now includes a specialized time-series database optimized to manage large volumes of big data. In under one second, EIB can collect and store a trace with 10,000 variables at a sampling rate of ten per second (10hz). That’s 100,000 data points per second!

Faster storage

Do you want to store your big data considerably faster than your competitors? Visit our EIB OEM and EIB Factory webpages for more details and contact our sales team to learn how you can scale your data management.

About PEER Group

Smart Manufacturing starts with factory automation software. PEER Group® is the largest supplier of factory automation software for OEMs and factories in the semiconductor and related industries. We help lower the cost of automation for our customers by solving their most challenging equipment automation, data management and process control problems. We received Intel Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) awards for our work in 2015-2017 and are recognized on the Great Place to Work® Best Workplaces Canada (2013-2018) and Branham300 (2012-2018) lists. Follow us on social at and @peergroup_inc.