GEM300 factory connectivity software for equipment

EIB® 300 provides 300mm SEMI factory automation standards for process and control job management, carrier management and substrate tracking. EIB 300 leverages the experience of ConX300™, the industry’s most popular 300mm factory automation software which is running reliably in every 300mm factory in the world.  As new requirements arise, EIB 300 will enable an OEM to meet customer-specific automation specifications quickly. No matter what your customer’s needs, EIB 300 helps you deliver a factory automation software solution using minimal engineering resources.


Meets any factory host communication specification

  • Full compliance with all 300mm SEMI automation standards
    • SEMI E4 [SECS I]
    • SEMI E5 [SECS II]
    • SEMI E30 [Generic Model of Communication and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM)]
    • SEMI E37 [High Speed SECS Message Services (HSMS)])
    • SEMI E39 [Objective Services Standard- Concepts, Behaviors and Services]
    • SEMI E40 [Standard for Processing Management]
    • SEMI E87 [Specification for Carrier Management (CMS)]
    • SEMI E90 [Specification for Substrate Tracking]
    • SEMI E94 [Specification for Control Job Management]
    • SEMI E116 [Specification for Equipment Performance Tracking]
    • SEMI E142 [Specification for Substrate Mapping]
    • SEMI E148 [Specification for Time Synchronization and Definition of the TS-Clock Object]
    • SEMI E157 [Specification for Module Process Tracking]
    • SEMI E172 [Specification for SECS Equipment Data Dictionary (SEDD)]
    • SEMI PV2 [PV Equipment Communication Interfaces (PVECI)]
    • SEMI G84 [Specification for Strip Map Protocol]
  • Base infrastructure enables compliance with many SEM automation standards through configuration
    • SEMI E82 [Specification for Interbay/Intrabay AMHS SEM (IBSEM)]
    • SEMI E88 [Specification for AMHS Storage SEM (Stocker SEM)]
    • SEMI E91 [Specification for Prober Specific Equipment Model (PSEM)]
    • SEMI E122 [Standard for Tester Equipment Specific Model (TSEM)]
    • SEMI E123 [Standard for Handler Equipment Specific Equipment Model (HSEM)]
    • SEMI E130 [Specification for Prober Specific Equipment Model for 300mm Equipment (PSEM300)]
  • Automatically manages inter-compatibility issues between SEMI standards
  • Customizable and extendable to meet unique SECS/GEM requirements
  • Supports multiple host interfaces
  • Combines multiple equipment interfaces into a single SECS/GEM host interface

Separates host interface from equipment-side configuration giving you deployment and integration flexibility

  • Provides rapid SECS/GEM compliance to numerous HMI/SCADA software packages that support OPC (e.g. PLC-based equipment)
  • Integrate with your Equipment Control Software (ECS) through an object-oriented interface using .NET or COM
  • Communicate with equipment using a variety of mechanisms such as ASCII, SECS/GEM, .NET, Custom

Accelerates deployment

  • With its advanced equipment model builder, logging, and testing utilities, EIB 300 users can implement GEM300 faster than ever before
  • The product can be deployed independently or integrated with the other products in the EIB OEM Product Suite: EIB GEM and EIB EDA