Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA 1105 and 0710) with SEMI E164 factory connectivity software for equipment

EIB® EDA provides SEMI EDA enabling OEMs to deliver real-time data on-demand in high volumes without affecting normal equipment performance. It also provides the basis for advanced manufacturing application capabilities such as e-Diagnostics, SPC, APC, Fault Detection, and Run-to-Run (R2R) Control. EIB EDA is a fully-compliant, equipment-side communication solution that is flexible, efficient, and easy to implement. With EIB’s configuration capabilities you are in control of the data provided through EDA and can limit the load on your controller. The multi-connection and multi-protocol technology enables EIB EDA to be deployed on virtually any type of equipment, collecting data from multiple sources, in either an on-tool (integrated OEM) or off-tool (adaptive) configuration.


Meets any factory host communication specification

  • Full compliance with all SEMI EDA automation standards with the flexibility to support multiple SEMI standard freeze levels
  • Supports multiple EDA clients
  • Combines multiple equipment data sources into a single EDA interface

Add EDA through configuration only – no coding necessary

  • Add onto existing PEER Group solutions such as GWGEM or EIB GEM with configuration only
  • Add onto any equipment providing a SECS host interface with configuration only

Separate EDA data publishing from equipment side configuration giving you deployment and integration flexibility

  • Provides rapid data collection to numerous HMI/SCADA software packages that support OPC, for PLC-based equipment
  • Integrate with your Equipment Control Software (ECS) through an object-oriented interface using .NET or COM for high-speed data collection
  • Communicate with equipment using a variety of mechanisms such as ASCII, SECS/GEM, .NET, Custom
  • Limit access to data from EDA clients through configuration
    • Specify available events and variables 
    • Customize deployments by enabling the EDA interface as needed

Accelerates deployment

  • With its advanced equipment model builder, logging, and testing utilities, EIB EDA users implement EDA quickly
  • The product can be deployed independently or integrated with the other products in the EIB OEM Product Suite: EIB 300 and EIB GEM