SECS/GEM equipment connectivity software for Windows, Linux and Solaris

PEER Group's GWGEM® was the very first SECS/GEM product on the market in the early 1990s and has been installed in over 40,000 tools shipped over the past 15 years. GWGEM provides equipment manufacturers with a SECS/GEM connectivity solution that eases the task of equipment-to-host communication implementation, while complying with the SEMI generic equipment model (GEM) standard. GWGEM supports the SECS/GEM capabilities as specified in the latest published SEMI standard E30 as well as the SEMI PV2 standard which is a variation of GEM for the Photovoltaic industry. PEER Group's involvement in SEMI standards activities provides users with regular updates, ensuring ongoing product compliance.

Easily adds Interface A (EDA) functionality with EIB® EDA (Equipment Information Bridge) which provides compliance to SEMI EDA standards such as SEMI E120, SEMI E121, SEMI E125, SEMI E128, SEMI E132 and SEMI E134.

Fast SECS/GEM implementation – high reliability in production

  • GWGEM provides an open architecture, extendable to meet unique SECS/GEM requirements.
  • The majority of equipment functionality is provided as standard. However, most equipment platforms have unique requirements and GWGEM adapts to these quite easily.
  • Generic and common equipment functionality (upwards of 90%) provided as standard. The remaining 10% is typically unique to your equipment and for this GWGEM makes it easy to add in your own requirements.
  • Configurable tables and a rich library of function calls minimize the time required to complete a fully functional SECS/GEM interface.
  • GWGEM's foundation is built upon PEER Group's SDR™ SECS Driver, the leading product for implementing SECS I and SECS II communications (SEMI E4, SEMI E5, SEMI E37).
  • GWGEM supports all Specific Equipment Model (SEM) extensions as defined by SEMI standards.
  • GWGEM runs on Windows, Red Hat Linux, WindRiver Linux and Solaris operating systems. Visit the release history for details.