Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA 1105 and 0710) factory connectivity software for equipment using Linux and Solaris

PEER Group’s portA™ is a fully-compliant, equipment-side connectivity product providing EDA functionality for SECS/GEM and GEM300-compliant equipment control systems.

The portA product provides SEMI EDA capabilities for enabling OEMs to deliver high-volume data to factory systems. As manufacturing complexity increases and facilities adopt Smart Manufacturing capabilities, data collection and analysis are becoming more important. portA helps OEMs become Smart Manufacturing-ready.

portA complies to the SEMI EDA standards, such as SEMI E120, SEMI E125,  SEMI E132, SEMI E134 and SEMI E138. It provides flexible support for both EDA freeze versions I and II (1105, 0710). The 0710 implementation provides equipment manufacturers with a simplification of metadata construction and improved efficiencies for data collection and analysis.

portA runs on Linux and Solaris operating systems. Visit technology support for details.