Supported hardware devices

PEER® Tool Orchestrator includes a library of existing, proven hardware drivers for integrated EFEMs, load ports, tag readers, robots, aligners, and vacuum devices. This gives PTO® the ability to immediately communicate with many of the common components that OEMs use to build their equipment. PTO’s flexible architecture also makes it easy to develop additional hardware drivers whenever needed. Please contact global sales if the following list does not include the hardware components on your tool.

Integrated EFEM

Vendor Model Comments
Brooks FabExpress Platform Communications via Wave II (Series 8) Controller: single end-effector (used with Reliance ATR Robot)
Brooks JET Platform Communications via Fusion (Series 9) Controller: dual end-effector (used with RAZOR robot)
Brooks JCP Platform (JET Common Platform) Communications via Fusion (Series 9) Controller or eConnect (.NET): dual end-effector
Brooks (Crossing/Asyst) Plus-Portal EFEM Communications via Smart-Plus S/W
Brooks (Crossing/Asyst) Spartan EFEM Communications via eConnect (.NET): Single/Dual-end effector, pre-aligner, light tower; used with WaferEngine robot
RECIF RECIF API Atmospheric EFEM system, with LightTower, LoadPort, FFU, Robot, Tag Reader, and WaferID Reader
Rorze Rorze RR Series Atmospheric EFEM system


Vendor Model Comments
Brooks Reliance ATR Via above Wave II (Series 8) Controller
Brooks RAZOR Via above Fusion (Series 9) Controller
Brooks MagnaTran 7 (Mag7) Single arm and dual arm
Brooks (Crossing/Asyst) WaferEngine Via above eConnect (.NET) Controller: Single arm and dual arm
Genmark GPR Series
JEL GCR4000 Series
Kawasaki D60 Includes Digital I/O for FFU, light curtain, etc.
Newport-Kensington Multi-Link Robots Communications via Model 4000 Controller
MOOG ATM-600 Single arm
Rorze RR734 Atmospheric robot; dual end-effector
Sankyo SR8241 Dual Arm
PRI Equipe ATM series
PEER Group PTO.TagAccess Can be used with any vendor’s tag-based robot (e.g. controlled via Modbus or OPC)

Load Ports

Vendor Model Comments
Brooks (Crossing/Asyst) IsoPort Supports FOUP
Brooks (Crossing/Asyst) VersaPort Supports FOUP, SMIF, MOCA (Open Cassette)
Brooks (Crossing/Asyst) Series 3
Brooks Vision Directly or via above Fusion (Series 9) Controller
Brooks 6M Via above Series 8 Controller, SMIF
Brooks FixLoad 6
Brooks VCE 6 Vertical Cassette Elevator
MOOG BX-300 Vertical Cassette Elevator
PEER Group PTO.TagAccess Can be used with any vendor's tag-based load port (e.g. controlled via Modbus or an OPC)
Rorze RV201 Supports FOUP. No direct E84 support.
Sinfonia SELOP 7 Type B
TDK TAS300 Supports E4 and J1 type load ports


Vendor Model Comments
Brooks AcuLine Via above Series 8 Controller
Brooks Fusion Via above Series 9 Controller
Logosol LPA series

WaferID Reader

Vendor Model Comments
Cognex In-Sight 1700

CarrierID Reader

Vendor Model Comments
Brooks SOLID
Brooks (Crossing/Asyst) AdvanTag
Hermos Via Brooks RS232 Transponder
Keyence BL600
Omron V700
TDK TAS300 Supports E4 and J1 type load ports

Vacuum Control

Vendor Model Comments
Brooks MX400 Safety Node communications via a PTO TagAccessService (TAS) tool component
Adixen A100, ACP40, Ath500 Pumps
Alcatel AL100 Pump
Pfeiffer Pumps
Granville-Phillips Series 275 and 354 Gauges
PEER Group PTO.TagAccess Can be used with any vendor’s tag-based Gauge, Valve, and Atmospheric Switch (e.g. controlled via Modbus or OPC)


Vendor Model Comments
Advantech Adam6000 device family Light Tower communications via PTO's Modbus TagAccessService
Brooks Series 9 Minifan
Brooks Light Tower and FFU via eConnect .NET controller
GetControl SPC Used for E84 hand-off support
Owens 6068 Flipper
PLC devices Via OPC DA, OPC UA, Omron FINS, SST, RSLinx Contact PEER Group for specific vendors and models
FINS: CS, CJ, CP, NSJ series
SST: DeviceNet via DN3 or DN4 card
I/O devices Via Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU Contact PEER Group for specific vendors and models