Deliver your equipment to market on time, on budget 

All OEMs – from startups to industry leaders – need to get new tools to market as quickly as possible. We help lower equipment costs by solving your most challenging tool automation, data management, and process control problems. 

When you’re thinking about the software for your next tool, consider the industry leader. We’ve automated over a hundred different equipment platforms and have been accepted in virtually every semiconductor factory worldwide, including the most demanding fabs.

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Reduce your equipment automation costs

Whether you need SECS/GEM connectivity for a single tool, a common automation platform across your different tool types, or a global fleet management solution to manage all of your deployed equipment, our SEMI Standards-compliant software solutions will scale with you as you mature in the market.

Scalable automation software for your intelligent tools

  • Equipment to host connectivity: We offer the broadest selection of proven connectivity products for semiconductor OEMs. EIB® OEM is a framework you can use for SEMI Standards-compliant connectivity between factory host systems and equipment, and to provide factories with real-time and historical data. 
  • Tool automation and control: PEER® Tool Orchestrator (PTO®) is an equipment automation and control framework with a GUI-based tool designer, PEER Tool Composer (PTC).  
  • Secure remote connectivity: Remicus™ is a cloud-based remote connectivity product you can use to gain secure remote access to your equipment and data, empowering your geographically-dispersed experts to collaborate on deployed equipment from anywhere.  
  • Testing applications: We offer a range of testing products to test different aspects of SECS communication on semiconductor equipment, including SEMI automation standards compliance, protocol testing, and scenario testing.

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Choose how you want to work with us