Automation software products for the semiconductor factory

PEER Group is one of the semiconductor industry's largest manufacturing software companies. We provide factory automation software solutions, systems integration, and consulting services to wafer fabs, assembly, and test facilities across the globe.

Fab, test, and assembly automation software

PEER Group offers a variety of connectivity and testing products for use in 200mm and 300mm fab, test, and assembly facilities. EIB® Factory is our most advanced technology for developing equipment interfaces (EI) for station controllers and EDA clients. FAST FW™ (Framework) is our newest equipment automation software application, providing the logic and MES integration for building station controllers and EDA applications. EIB can be used as a stand-alone equipment connectivity development software product whereas FAST FW normally uses EIB as an EI server. PEER EDA Tuner™ is a factory-side EDA product that helps factories configure and enable EDA data collection from their equipment quickly and easily.

Semiconductor automation services – equipment testing, EI, APC, MES

PEER Group has over 20 years of semiconductor automation software consulting and development experience, encompassing all stages of semiconductor manufacturing from wafer manufacturing through final test, and every facet of automation including equipment interfaces (EI), APC, EDA, and MES applications.

Automation consulting and testing services

We have the knowledge and experience to design and implement Automation Capabilities Management (ACM), an automation consulting and testing service that ensures your newly acquired equipment meets your automation requirements and gets into production quickly.

Equipment integration

PEER Group provides comprehensive Equipment Integration (EI) services for fab automation, including tool characterization, EI baseline design and EI development. We also have experience implementing Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) with tools that have Interface A as well as those with ordinary SECS/GEM interfaces.

APC solutions

We have a proven track record of deploying Run-to-Run (R2R) control and Fault Detection / Classification (FDC) algorithms and applications on a fab-wide scale. Our process and development engineers understand the challenges and requirements of APC including process identification, process model identification, controller design, parameter estimation, data classification and context management.

Fab applications

With a solid base of equipment-level automation experience, our fab-level work includes any type of fab MES extension including SPC, equipment performance tracking, OEE and others. With our team's diverse knowledge and experience, we support manufacturers with expert consulting services, requirements and project scope planning, high-level architectural planning, risk management, project management and integration services.

Custom solution development

PEER Group recognizes that not all automation challenges can be solved with commercial off-the-shelf software solutions. With our solid background in factory automation IT systems, we support manufacturers by defining and building custom solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our custom solutions range from product genealogy solutions to complete APC system development. From initial IT architecture planning and requirements gathering to final support and maintenance of systems in operation, PEER Group provides the right solution to fit each customer's unique fab automation goals.