We sell, deliver, and integrate three Applied Materials products

Integrated Manufacturing / Factory Performance / Equipment Productivity

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Applied Materials is the world’s leading supplier of factory automation software applications to the semiconductor, solar/PV, LED and MEMS manufacturing markets. Applied’s Integrated Manufacturing, Factory Performance and Equipment Performance applications perfectly complement PEER Group’s industry-leading equipment automation products and services, enabling us to deliver the highest functioning factory automation solutions. PEER Group sells, delivers, and integrates three Applied Materials products to the North American high-technology manufacturing market: SmartFactory™, APF Real-Time Dispatcher (APF RTD®) and Reporter, and E3™.

SmartFactory (Integrated Manufacturing)

SmartFactory is a fully integrated, turnkey and affordable factory automation solution that can be deployed in less than 60 days to track and streamline the flow of materials through a manufacturing facility. It improves product quality, boosts productivity and reduces operational costs quickly by using pre-built, technology-specific functionality for semiconductor, LED, solar, and other high-technology factories.

PEER Group provides sales and software integration services to SmartFactory, primarily servicing small- and medium-sized high technology manufacturers in North America.

APF RTD / APF Reporter

APF Real Time Dispatcher (RTD) and APF Reporter are the only real-time, high-performance dispatching and reporting solutions that help manufacturers develop customized rules and improve dispatching analyses and decisions. APF RTD directs pre-staging, releases lots and adjusts load balancing of production equipment through “what next, where next and when next” rules that improve utilization of equipment, carriers and labor. APF Reporter provides report tools that manufacturers can use to analyze manufacturing data and improve performance.

PEER Group’s connectivity products and services perfectly compliment RTD by providing real-time data from tools.  This data can then be quickly analyzed by RTD’s optimization algorithms to reduce waste, improve utilization and increase throughput.

E3 (Equipment Performance / Advanced Process Control)

E3 is a fabwide automation and equipment engineering system (EES) platform that dramatically improves manufacturing equipment efficiency and process control by providing engineers with a simple-to-use workflow engine for quickly changing, customizing and deploying process control strategies—without needing complex software development. E3 is the only EES solution that combines statistical process control (SPC), fault detection and classification (FDC), equipment performance tracking (EPT), advanced data mining (ADM), and run-to-run control (R2R) on a unified platform.

Leveraging its equipment automation and APC experience with hundreds of tool platforms, PEER Group can efficiently implement E3 in order to improve equipment performance. PEER Group provides E3-based solutions to small- and medium-sized high-technology manufacturers in North America and OEMs globally.