Build a station controller for your high-tech factory

FAST FW™ provides the foundation for customers upon which they can build specific thin client station controller instances in support of manufacturing.


This framework takes into account generic requirements common across all IC Manufacturers and allows for customer specific extensions to be rapidly added and deployed in order to meet current and future manufacturing requirements.

Because FAST FW is open, it does not negatively impact customer investments that have already been made with respect to customer-specific applications including MES, SPC, EDC, RMS, User Interface, among others. FAST FW preserves and extends these customer investments resulting in solutions that are easily integrated into a multi-client environment.

Control your equipment and manufacturing processes

  • Provides highly configurable Station Controller functionality that can be easily customized to meet unique customer requirements
  • Provides a library of Jobs and Job Steps that represent generic business processes providing off-the-shelf functionality in support of manufacturing requirements
  • Based on the concept of “jobs” as defined by SEMI E40 and SEMI E94 to direct processing of material by the Station Controller
  • Acts as a job engine scheduling and running material process jobs such as lot or batch on a processing agent in a semiconductor factory
  • Promotes re-use of customer specific operational scenarios reducing the time and cost of implementation and deployment