FAST 300

FAST FW™ is a development framework that semiconductor factories use to build station controllers for equipment connectivity, job management, and data collection. Based on our EIB® Factory connectivity product, FAST FW supports various equipment interfaces and provides the flexibility to develop custom interfaces.

PEER® FAST 300™ is the most advanced station control solution available today that was built specifically for 300mm IC Manufacturing fabrication facilities. FAST 300 provides for the implementation of 300mm operational scenarios for high-volume manufacturing as defined by SEMI/ISMI and incorporates the domain experience of PEER Group based on our extensive involvement with implementing plant-wide 300mm automation solutions.

300mm fab automation and EDA

  • Extensive library of pre-defined 300mm processing steps easily configured into base level 200mm operational scenarios
  • Templates for extending base level processing steps to create customer specific library classes for implementing unique operational and manufacturing requirements
  • Configurable Automation Adaptors to support the integration of FAST 300 to a wide range of fab applications including MES, EDC and Recipe Management systems
  • Rich library of existing equipment models which minimize the time required for implementation of equipment connectivity
  • Built upon Microsoft .NET, the standard for implementing and deploying mission critical applications