Enable EDA data collection for your factory

Tune your data collection to provide high-value data

In high-technology manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives offer methods to increase factory efficiency and productivity, and provide opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs significantly. To support these initiatives and achieve the underlying data collection requirements, factories can use Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA), a collection of SEMI Standards that define high-speed data publication from equipment to data consumers. 

PEER EDA Tuner™ helps factories quickly enable and optimize equipment data collection to provide high-value data to factory applications.


Configure and collect EDA data easily

PEER EDA Tuner is a factory-side EDA product that encapsulates and manages the details of EDA communication to help factories accelerate their time to configure and access valuable data from equipment. Understanding the data that is available from your equipment and selecting a subset of that data for collection is easy with the PEER EDA Tuner user interface controls. Factory applications can communicate with equipment using task-based communication but also have the option to use more granular communications for those who want an additional level of control. 

Because factory equipment varies in data-generation capabilities, PEER EDA Tuner enables applications to target either EDA 1105 or EDA 0710 on a tool-by-tool basis, allowing factory applications to adapt as EDA capabilities evolve. With PEER EDA Tuner, factory-side EDA data consumer applications can ensure that EDA data collection is reliable and can adapt to changes in the factory’s Industry 4.0 initiatives easily.