Gain control over your hardware systems

“By simplifying their PLC code, we recently helped one customer improve system performance by almost 40%.” Mike Pryzmant, director of engineering services at PEER Group.

While programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are designed primarily for real-time hardware control, many equipment vendors have burdened them with higher-level automation tasks such as sequencing, complex data analysis, parallel operations, WIP tracking, and lot management. Adding this kind of complexity to a PLC makes it very difficult to maintain and troubleshoot.

“Many of our customers want more flexibility and control so they over-burden their PLCs but then worry that further PLC modifications will risk destabilizing their equipment control logic and lead to unscheduled downtime. We can help,” explains Scott Ritchie, director of product engineering at PEER Group.

Leverage our PTO automation framework for your PLC tasks

Instead of avoiding PLC changes or deferring new features on your equipment, you can leverage the automation environment within our PEER Tool Orchestrator (PTO®) product and streamline your solution.

“PEER Group is unique because we can integrate your PLC to your ERP and all the layers in between, and we’re experts at understanding which functionality should reside at each layer of the software automation stack. We have the knowledge you need: the PLC consulting, design, and programming expertise required to optimize your equipment control. We also have PTO with its built-in functionality to greatly reduce the time and cost required to automate your tool for manufacturing. It’s a powerful combination that allows us to design the best solutions for our customers’ needs,” continues Ritchie.

Integrating your PLC tasks into the PTO infrastructure will help you deliver a fully-optimized solution to your end customer.

  • Simplify, modularize, and decouple your control system designs. Reducing PLC code clutter and complexity decreases memory usage and scan times, increases overall system performance, and allows you to design new features that were previously difficult to integrate. By moving system-level tasks (e.g., material scheduling, dynamic recipe tuning, material and lot tracking, and data collection and management) from the PLC into PTO, we will remove the unnecessary burden on your PLC.
  • Connect your PLC data to other components. We can expose data to the factory as SEMI-compliant variables (e.g., SECS/GEM and EDA), enable information exchange with other software services or components, populate a database, or update your custom HMI screens. PTO’s built-in interface library makes it easy to share data with many client applications, all without having to write custom code.
  • Manage your PLC tags and all of their dependent software components with PTO’s PEER Tool Composer (PTC) for a quick, user-friendly experience. We can also create custom components to suit your exact hardware or service needs.

Take the next step towards managing your hardware more easily and intuitively. Contact our Sales team to learn more.