Smart Manufacturing starts with factory automation software

Our commitment to automation innovation for Smart Manufacturing extends well beyond our large product portfolio; we also provide a range of consulting services that help our customers – both factories and equipment makers – achieve success.

We make factory automation software projects successful

Software solutions

Sometimes, you might require a comprehensive solution based on several of our products and services. For example, if you need to monitor the performance of all of your deployed equipment from anywhere in the world, you could use our global fleet management solution. It is based on multiple products and includes factory connectivity, automation, and remote equipment monitoring and control capabilities. It also feeds collected data to any analytics package so you can make informed decisions about things like predictive maintenance schedules and processing improvements.

Solutions for factories

Collect data from your manufacturing floor

  • Characterize equipment in your factory
  • Connect the factory: equipment, sensors, IIoT devices
  • Collect data (e.g., processing data, events, alarms), organize, share, and store big data

Control equipment, processes and workflows, and monitor factory-wide performance

Test equipment for factory acceptance

  • Test factory automation
  • Automation Capabilities Management (ACM)
  • Test equipment performance
  • Perform SEMI compliance testing

  • Solutions for equipment makers

    Automate your equipment and collect meaningful data 

    Monitor performance of all your deployed equipment from anywhere

    Ensure quality and compliance

    • Assess factory requirements to ensure equipment compliance
    • Test your equipment before and after deployment to a factory, to ensure quick factory acceptance
    • Perform SEMI compliance testing
    • Consult with QA experts

    Choose from a flexible engagement model

    Regardless of the level of services or the type of solution you require, you can choose the right approach for your needs. During our initial consultation, we will review requirements together, discuss anticipated duration and deliverables, and determine the best option. Finally, we will provide you with a detailed proposal, including costs, so there won’t be any surprises.

    We provide consulting services at every step of the project process, from initial equipment design to implementing our own software automation products, providing staff augmentation for your teams, and ensuring new equipment is accepted into the automated manufacturing environment.