Deliver your equipment to market on time, on budget

Our services – which are complementary to our strong portfolio of automation software products – will help you automate your equipment and manage your data.

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Turnkey solutions

Our engineering team can provide start-to-finish equipment automation or full host connectivity allowing your engineering team to focus on your unique IP. 

In a turnkey engagement, you can choose from the following services: 

  • Requirements analysis to ensure we understand your needs and, if applicable, the factory’s expectations for equipment integration. 
  • SECS/GEM automation specification review and a fab assessment so we can best negotiate automation requirements with the factory on your behalf.
  • User interface design, including IIoT devices.
  • Material handling automation and control system capabilities.
  • Host connectivity.
  • Complete GEM manual for your equipment.
  • PLC expertise (consulting, design, and/or programming) to support equipment automation.
  • Equipment testing under simulation to validate automation compliance and against specific factory scenarios to ensure your equipment is automation-ready prior to on-site integration.
  • On-site acceptance testing, equipment troubleshooting, and predictable implementation services to ensure quick and easy acceptance into the automated manufacturing environment.


Some equipment makers leverage our equipment automation software infrastructure but write parts of the automation software themselves. You can use one of our products for easy configuration and our engineers can fill in the gaps where we have more experience. 

In a co-development engagement, we can provide: 

  • Factory automation specification reviews to determine how well your equipment meets the factory’s requirements.
  • Equipment automation so your engineering team can write interfaces to your software.
  • Hardware drivers.
  • UI and general designs so your team can do all of the development.
  • Coaching on equipment or factory automation scenarios and offering solutions for testing to ensure your equipment meets these scenarios.
  • Training on our products with a focus on your equipment and how to deploy our products into it.
  • A testing strategy to effectively test the equipment against new automation specifications.
  • Full host automation testing.
  • On-site automation acceptance consulting during factory acceptance into the automated manufacturing environment.


Some equipment makers choose to use our rapid development products like PTO® and EIB® OEM as the backbone for their equipment automation, but want to do the drag-and-drop configuration in-house. 

In an SDK engagement model, you can choose from: 

  • Jumpstart product training and best practices to help you get started with independent configuration.
  • Ongoing consulting services during your equipment automation development to ensure you can automate your equipment rapidly, leverage our products’ deep feature sets, and maintain your independence.
  • Independent 3rd-party equipment testing.
  • On-site consulting including design/code review, sample code, Q&A, and hands-on assistance.

Outsourcing and staff augmentation

Sometimes, expert PEER Group engineering resources will become an integrated part of your team for a specified duration, providing manufacturing IT consulting, following your development process and using your assets. The work can occur remotely with PEER Group resources working from our offices, or they can be deployed to your site (or the factory site) for long periods.