Our story

Then and now

PEER Group opened its doors in February 1992. Back then, we had a small office and only two engineers – our founders, Bob Harris and Mike Kropp. Both had worked at ATS developing integrated assembly systems for precision manufacturing. They had an idea to develop reusable software that would connect automated equipment with factory information systems, and PEER Group focused originally on custom factory floor data collection systems.

Today, we are a global company with headquarters in Kitchener, Canada and European headquarters in Dresden, Germany. We provide the largest portfolio of factory automation software products and we have shipped over 100,000 licenses, making us the largest supplier of automation software for OEMs and factories in the semiconductor and related industries.

For more information, check out our:

  • History timeline which highlights many of our major company milestones.
  • Company facts which provides a snapshot of PEER Group at-a-glance.
  • Careers section which provides more information about what it’s like to work here.

Our brand story

PEER Group logo with tagline

The word “PEER” in our company name stemmed from the idea of interconnected software objects that communicate with each other as “peers”. Our employees are also the heart of our organization and a “peer group” is a group of likeminded individuals.

The pentagon shape in our brand mark represents the typical outline of a semiconductor cluster tool.

The three lines depict many factors which, when combined, help us enable Smart Manufacturing for our customers, including our:

  • Core offerings: Products, Services, and ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • People, Technology, and Innovation – all integral components of our successful business

Our tagline originated from our first business idea: to develop reusable software that would connect automated equipment with factory information systems, integrating automation and information. It has held true through the years.

Our customers

We help lower the cost of automation for our customers by solving their most challenging equipment automation, data management, and process control problems.

The success of a high-technology factory is achieved by the collective performance of its manufacturing equipment, and superior automation software is often the key to improving equipment productivity. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to manage the complexities of equipment automation for high-technology manufacturing, from the rigors of SEMI automation standards for mature 300mm wafer fabs to the less structured production processes of the latest solar or LED factory. Our customers include virtually every type of high-technology manufacturer and the equipment suppliers that serve them. From this vantage point, we’re better able to help both sides achieve functionally rich and high quality automation software for Smart Manufacturing.