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Our commitment

We started out as two guys in a small office working on some contracts. As our success grew, so did the number of employees who joined us in the business. As our competencies grew, so did the number of committed customers and partners who worked with us. As our contacts grew, so did our sphere of influence around the world. We are all dedicated to solving challenging manufacturing problems – wherever they are.

When you bring a group of people together, the group develops a personality. We are kind and caring, responsible and trustworthy, intelligent and motivated. That’s why we have customers who return to work with us, time and again.

We care about…

…our employees.

Hiring the best person for the job is very important to us. It has helped us create a culturally diverse group with competencies in many languages and cultures. We come from all over the world.

Creating career paths that everyone can understand, that meet our business needs and respond to our depth of experience is a challenge that we should always be thinking about. When people see the path to the future clearly, and can make their own choices about how to pursue it, they are engaged.

Continuous learning is crucial in our business. New tools, new technologies, new customer and partner business spaces – there is so much to learn. Supporting our employees’ needs for learning and skills improvement keeps us sharp.

Communication is key in all our relationships. We create repeatable processes and documentation so we can communicate how PEER Group works to our new employees. We create supportive relationships and strong work friendships because together we’re stronger.

…health and safety.

PEER Group complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. A safe and healthy workplace is important to us. Commitment to Health and Safety forms an integral part of our everyday activities and we are dedicated to the continuing objective of reducing the risk of injury throughout our operations. To ensure a safe environment exists for all employees and visitors, managers and staff work together to take every reasonable safety precaution.

We have a dedicated Health and Safety team that performs regular workplace audits. All PEER Group employees have completed the Government of Ontario’s 4-step Worker Health and Safety Awareness training. All PEER Group managers have completed the Government of Ontario’s 5-step Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness Training.

PEER Group had a 2021 goal to create a safe work environment for our employees to come back to during the COVID pandemic. We wanted to have processes, testing and the built environment contribute to a Zero Case return to work. View a description of our efforts here.

View our workplace safety record.

…labour and human rights.

PEER Group complies with the Employment Standards Act, 2000 and the Ontario Human Rights Commission. We are an equal opportunity employer. Employment decisions are made on the basis of qualifications, ability and performance. We welcome inquiries from everyone and value diversity in our workplace. The PEER Group Inc. hires and attracts talent regardless of race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or sexual orientation.

If an individual requires accommodation in completing the application process, they are encouraged to email [email protected] or call HR at 519-749-9554. If an individual is contacted regarding a position, we encourage them to advise HR of any accommodation measures they may require during our interview process. We address all confidential matters with respect.

For more information, see our accessibility statement.

View our human rights record.

…supplier diversity.

At PEER Group we have a barrier-free attitude toward providing equal opportunity for diverse suppliers in our supply chain. PEER Group abides by the Canadian Human Rights Act and we welcome contact and proposals from suppliers owned and operated by persons of any age, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family status and persons with disabilities.

…ethics and morality.

PEER Group encourages moral principles that govern appropriate individual and group behavior. Our employees are expected to demonstrate ethical behavior within our office, at all customer sites, and during all engagements with other employees and all outside parties.

To provide feedback on a PEER Group ethics violation, or to request more details, see our ethics reporting page.

View our ethics incident report.

…the environment.

We plan to step lightly on the earth – leaving only a whisper of our passing. That means continuously listening for new ideas about saving energy and decreasing our carbon footprint. From bike racks and free bus passes to energy-saving equipment, recycling, and reusable dishware, we can all make daily choices that will make a difference.

For more information about our environmental policies, see our sustainability statement.

View our environmental record.

…helping others.

PEER Group is filled with enthusiastic givers. Our Giving Committee finds interesting ways for us to support the local community and meaningful causes. Sometimes, the need is within and we rally around one of us who is having a tough time battling disease, or dealing with a life change.

For more details about our local support initiatives, see our community involvement page.

…customer success.

We come to each customer engagement determined to provide the skills and support that will help our customer reach their goals. We work hard to earn their trust, go above and beyond so we can earn their respect and deliver innovative results with praiseworthy quality.

Executive accountability commitment

I am personally committed to ensuring that The PEER Group Inc. always conducts business and treats others in an appropriate way, as indicated in our Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) support letter. PEER Group is committed to transparency in reporting our corporate responsibility policies and I welcome your feedback on our performance.

Mike Kropp

Mike Kropp, President & CEO
The PEER Group Inc.