Corporate responsibility


PEER Group is primarily a knowledge-based firm. We don’t produce any Scope 1 emissions as we don’t consume large qualities of energy or waste. We also work closely with our employees, office facilitators, and suppliers to mitigate our Scope 2 emissions.

Our building

BOMA BESTOur global head office is located in what can be considered a recycling project: a converted turn-of-the-century factory building in Kitchener, Ontario. The building was re-purposed into office space in 1999 and PEER Group was the first tenant. The building owner and tenants work together to reduce our environmental footprint. In 2011, we achieved BOMA BESt certification; a program designed to assess environmental performance and management of existing buildings. Surpassing expectations, the building achieved level 3 certification in the first year!


GRTPEER Group is actively working to help reduce our carbon footprint. We provide a program to subsidize bus passes to reward our employees for using public transportation. PEER Group’s global headquarters is within walking distance of both local bus and train services and in addition to this, our office is equipped with indoor bicycle racks for those who make the commitment to bike to work.

PEER Group uses air travel when it makes sense. If multiple persons will be using air travel, we make attempts to arrange ride sharing to and from the airport.

To minimize our travel, we use technology to communicate with our clients for presentations, meetings, and remote support. Being able to reach across the globe without leaving our office has a big impact on our carbon footprint.

View our green transportation methods and greenhouse gas emissions reduction statistics.


recyclingOne of our biggest ongoing achievements is maintaining our diversion rate (recycling and reuse) at 80% from a starting point of 67%. To ensure our continued performance, we encourage our employees to recycle using recycling bins equipped at each workstation, as well as in common areas. In addition to this, used equipment (e.g., computer monitors and furniture) is offered to employees first and then recycled. We also recycle 100% of our e-waste and batteries through local facilities.

Shredding bins are located throughout our offices so we can safeguard our confidential information and still be assured that our paperwork is recycled.

PEER Group provides reusable plates, glasses and cutlery in our lunch room and we encourage employees to bring in a set of personal dishes. This dramatically reduces the number of disposable plates, cups and pieces of plastic cutlery that we use or recycle.

To reduce the number of plastic water bottles we use, we have filtered water available in each of the kitchen areas to provide both hot and cold water.

View our e-waste disposal statistics.

What else?

  • Office lights are turned off at the end of each day and over the weekends
  • Washroom lights are activated via motion detectors
  • Computers and their peripherals are automatically deactivated after short periods of inactivity
  • Outdated computer equipment is regularly replaced with smart, energy efficient upgrades
  • Printers are configured for duplex printing to save the trees
  • Office appliances are purchased with energy efficiency in mind
  • Coffee is insulated using thermal encasing instead of burners
  • Office is outfitted with large windows to reduce our use of artificial lighting
  • Heating and air conditioning are automatically scaled down at the end of office hours
  • Toilets use low-flow flushing technology to conserve water
  • Watering for landscaping is minimized by using timers and planting drought resistant local species

Our employees are always introducing new ways to move us toward the future with an ever lighter step.