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Albert Fuchigami honoured with Japan Information and Control Technical Committee Award

Kitchener, Ontario – January 13, 2022

Albert Fuchigami wins Information and Control Technical Committee Award

Albert Fuchigami, Senior Software Developer, PEER Group®, has been named a recipient of the Japan Information and Control Technical Committee Award. The award is given annually to Technical Committee members in recognition of outstanding contributions to committee activities as part of SEMI’s mandate to develop globally accepted technical standards for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

“I am honoured to receive this award,” says Albert, who also serves as Co-Chair of the North America Diagnostic Data Acquisition (NA DDA) Task Force, which is responsible for the management and research of the equipment data acquisition interface standard suite and related standards. These standards are used to enable high speed, high volume data collection in leading semiconductor manufacturing plants. “The work done by the Technical Committee is truly a group effort and I am proud of what we have accomplished,” shares Albert.

Albert was selected as an award recipient for his exemplary participation in committee and task force activities despite the logistical challenges wrought by the ongoing global pandemic. The organization also noted Albert’s dedication to providing detailed explanations of the NA DDA Task Force activities related to the EDA/Interface A standards in preparation for next generation Freeze 3.

Albert, who has been with PEER Group for 23 years, is heavily involved in the SEMI Standards Program in in North America, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. In addition to co-chairing the NA DDA Task Force, Fuchigami has authored various SEMI articles and tech briefs, including: Next-Generation Freeze 3 of the SEMI Equipment Data Acquisition Standards, SEMI SMT-ELS Standards Suite, and most recently how new Stream 21 messages are coming to SECS/GEM Standards. He is also frequent presenter at various SEMI events where he shares his knowledge and expertise on SEMI Standards.

For more information about SEMI Standards, visit this information page.