Life at PEER Group

PEER Group is a dynamic company with a solid track record of success and lots of room for growth and innovation.

Our teams in Canada and Germany provide development expertise, products, services and support to our manufacturing customers around the globe.

Our employees create a synergistic environment where knowledge, skills and talents are woven into highly collaborative teams to meet the customer’s challenge – even if your project is a team of one, the experts at the office will always have your back.

Our high proportion of repeat business and customer referrals speaks to our ability to deliver solid results.

Our employee tenure speaks to our ability to keep it interesting.

You want:

  • to contribute to customer success in some of the premier companies in the high-tech manufacturing industry.
  • to feel challenged to learn and grow in dynamic industries; watch SEMI’s video to see the semiconductor industry in action:
  • to know there are opportunities for promotion and career advancement.
  • to have a manager who knows who you are and what you are capable of.

And wouldn’t it be cool, if your co-workers were a bunch of caring, bright, engaged professionals, and you actually got to meet the customers? Have a look at the opportunities that PEER Group has for you.

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Company culture

One of the great things about the PEER Group work environment is the caring atmosphere. It’s like living in a town, not a city. You get a chance to know everyone – and people come to know and care about you. All of us in the PEER Group community work together to support each other and foster an environment of respect, challenge, and fun.

Getting you started
Getting you started

Our mentoring process for new people is just the start of our commitment to you. It is one of the ways we make sure you adapt to your new environment – getting to know the people you’ll work with every day so you can learn from them and in turn, you can share the unique experience and knowledge you bring with you to PEER Group. After all, teamwork is one of our guiding principles.

Getting it done
Getting it done

Successful teamwork requires that each employee, old and new, stays current with the latest advancements in technology and developments in their chosen field. We believe that the more you know, the more you’ll be able to share with your co-workers, so we support continuous employee training and development.

Spreading the love
Spreading the love

The PEER Group community also includes the community where we live and work, and we like to help out where we can.  We raised so much food for the Foodbank of Waterloo Region (over 9,000 lbs) that we cracked a beam in our kitchen… the next year we switched to raising money – much less dangerous and it’s easier to transport the donations!

Zen of the Job
Zen of the job

There is something really cool about working in a company that does business with some of the biggest names in the business at some very crucial times, creating and implementing some very innovative solutions. We like to boldly go.

Party it up
Party it up!

We do like our parties!  We like to celebrate PEER Group’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, patio lantern weather, summer picnics, Halloween, family and adult holiday parties at Christmas. Did someone say, “Cake”?

Balance the load
Balance the load

We understand the need to have a balance between your personal and professional life, so we offer flexible hours to our employees. We want you to know that family is as important to us as it is to you.

The quality of life that you experience inside and outside of PEER Group affects your work and shapes the environment in which you work. Providing you with a workplace and colleagues that you appreciate and respect ensures that you have a long and fulfilling career with us.

Keeping the faith
Keeping the faith

At PEER Group we have faith:

  • in creativity and innovation
  • in lasting relationships with customers and employees
  • that trust builds business
  • that our integrity will shine through.

Global headquarters

Global headquarters

The PEER Group Inc.

72 Victoria St S, Suite 400
Kitchener, ON N2G 4Y9

[email protected]

European headquarters

European headquarters

PEER Group GmbH

Hermann-Reichelt-Straße 3-3a
D-01109 Dresden

[email protected]