Applying to PEER Group

Application tips

PEER Group is all about process. It keeps our customers happy because they know what to expect and it keeps our applicants happy, because it’s easy to figure out what’s going on.

You’ve seen our ad and you want to apply to a job, now here are the steps in our process:

Prepare your resume package in electronic format

Use either a MS Word, HTML or .PDF file format.

Your contact information should be on every page. Include email and snail mail addresses.

Include a section that talks about your career objective–it’s better if we don’t have to guess what you are applying for.

Make sure that your educational information is accurate and reflects whether your program was completed and diploma/degree granted. If you have a university or college diploma, you don’t need to document elementary or secondary school education.

Do include information about academic awards.

Talk to your references about the opportunity so we don’t take them by surprise. If someone said, “Sure, use me as a reference any time,” five years ago, ensure the offer still stands and their contact information is accurate.

Send your resume via email to the appropriate office

PEER Group has two offices. When applying to a job ad, note the location, and send your information to the correct address.

Global headquarters
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Global headquarters

European headquarters
Dresden, Germany

European headquarters

Pre-screening questions

We can’t promise to reply to everyone who sends in a resume, but if we are interested in your application, we will send you some pre-screening questions. Usually, it’s via email. The quality of your response tells us a lot. For some positions, like Reception, we may do the pre-screen over the phone.


After we have received your pre-screen, we will set expectations regarding next steps. If you don’t hear from us by the appointed time, feel free to send an email about your status.


Please read our section regarding interviewing with PEER Group for more details!


If you are the chosen one, we will contact you to get a verbal agreement to the position, salary level and start date and then we’ll meet to go over the written offer.

Ask lots of questions so you understand what you are signing and your terms of employment.

Hints and Tips


  • Do check your spelling, punctuation and grammar carefully.
  • Do use cool, new formatting tricks that make it easier to read your resume.
  • Do make sure that you include your relevant experience.
  • Don’t gloss over the cool stuff you did in a co-op job because you’re trying to fit your resume on one page.
  • Don’t try to fit your resume on one page.
  • Do include your hobbies and interests. They help round out the picture of who you are.
  • Don’t include horseback riding as a hobby if you only rode a horse once five years ago in high school…


  • Complete the pre-screen to the best of your ability and email it back promptly.
  • If you haven’t worked with a technology that’s mentioned, just put a zero for years of experience. We believe that people can learn things if they’re given the appropriate support. Help us figure out what you would need to learn here.
  • Sometimes the gap is too big, and if that’s the case, we’re both better off if we figure that out up front.
  • People agonize over the salary range question. We have a range in mind and you have a range in mind. If you’re an interesting candidate and there’s a mismatch here then we’ll talk further before the interview.


Shower, shave, pluck, dress nicely – do whatever you need to do to show up looking well-groomed and smelling nice – but not too nice. Please don’t overdo the cologne.

If a trusted person in your life thinks you’re on the wrong track with your look/hair/smell – listen to them.

  • Review your resume so you can speak to dates and experiences
  • Review our website so you have a clue about what we do
  • Shake hands firmly – but resist the urge to crush bones
  • Make eye contact when you speak.


Even if you think you know it all, you should ask some questions to get to know more about your interviewers, the job you will be doing and what it’s like to work at PEER Group.

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