Interviewing tips

Interviewing tips

We know interviews can make some people nervous, so here are some tips for interviewing with us.

Know your stuff

Review your resume so you can speak to dates and experiences with confidence.

What do I wear?

Usual attire for interviews is business casual. You are welcome to show up in a suit and we promise to be impressed.

Do whatever you need to do to show up looking well-groomed and smelling nice – but not too nice. Please don’t overdo the cologne.

When you look in the mirror, ask yourself, “Would I send this person to a customer site to represent my company?”

What should I bring?

Feel free to bring show and tell – code samples, writing samples, sample projects. You can also draw for us on the whiteboard to illustrate your points. Show us your stuff.

If you are applying for an Information Developer or Marketing position, having a portfolio to demonstrate your work is a key part of the interview process.

How will the interview process work?

In most cases, the interview process is conducted in our offices, face to face. Of course, there may be more faces on our side of the table. You will receive detailed information about the people you will be speaking with closer to the interview date.

In Canada, you will spend some time with the Human Resources person learning about the company and what we do and covering the administrative end of your questions.

Usually, there will be at least two interviews. The first one is an information exchange – get to know each other – basic fit screening interview. The second is generally for hiring manager input and approval. If your job touches lots of areas, the group of people who meet you will expand.

Skills testing will be part of the interview process for some positions, for example, Information Developers and Accounting.

If you are applying for a Sales position, you will be expected to do a presentation as part of the interview process. After all, talking to a boardroom full of strangers needs to be one of your key strengths. You get to pick the topic.

Got any more suggestions?
  • Shake hands firmly – but resist the urge to crush bones.
  • Make eye contact when you speak and make sure that you attempt to engage all the interviewers.
  • ASK QUESTIONS!!! Even if you think you know it all, you should ask some questions to get to know more about your interviewers, what it’s like to work at PEER Group and what exactly you will be doing here anyway.
  • Give yourself about 15 minutes before the interview time to relax, review your material and get a feel for the environment. WAY better than sliding in the door 10 minutes late because you forgot to leave time to park and wait for the elevator…

Can I expect any feedback?

After each interview, we will set expectations regarding when we will contact you about next steps. If you don’t hear from us by the appointed time, feel free to send an email enquiring about your status.


Most companies hire for skills and fire for fit. What are the things that need to fit?

  • Motivation
  • Learning style
  • Process orientation
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to plan work
  • Ability to interact with customers
  • Communication style
  • Sense of responsibility
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