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Cost-effective automation for legacy factories

These slides were presented at the Technology Unites Global Summit on February 17, 2021.

Powerpoint title pageThe Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and the rise of 5G have increased demand for electronics and have introduced the renewed need for automation at existing 200mm facilities. These “legacy” factories already run at full capacity and have little or no room for expansion so manufacturers are seeking innovative ways to introduce Smart Manufacturing initiatives, increase productivity, and optimize throughput and yield to meet the increased demands. New facilities built to support older node sizes also want to capture market share, and have the same needs as their legacy counterparts.

Although older node sizes and technologies are back in fashion, that doesn’t mean these facilities are limited to outdated manufacturing paradigms. Ambitious factories are looking at hyper-automated 300mm facilities to learn best-in-class methods for deploying automation and advanced manufacturing techniques. The SEMI® automation standards related to 300mm manufacturing describe efficient ways to implement automation, and these same models can be used in any facility, new or retrofit, to achieve major gains.

We provide products and solutions (including our PEER FACTORY® Station Controller, PFSC™) to rapidly update factory-wide connectivity, data collection, and control systems and allow any factory to integrate new and existing equipment efficiently. We help customers leverage best practices for factory automation and enable the latest advancements in analytics, scheduling, advanced process control, and predictive maintenance.

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