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Cybersecurity for factories and tools: protecting yourself against potential threats

These slides were presented at SEMICON Europa 2018.Cyber security

Highly-automated semiconductor manufacturing relies on machine-to-machine (M2M) and machine-to-host connectivity. But, this introduces a security risk for both equipment makers and factories. A virus on a single tool could cause costly factory-wide downtime. Forward-thinking OEMs are wondering whether they have protected their equipment adequately against potential cyber threats. Forward-thinking factories are considering all of the equipment on their manufacturing floors to ensure they stay risk free. This talk explores the need for OEMs to set up an ongoing equipment maintenance strategy that takes into consideration several important steps: upgrading all tools to modern-day operating systems that enable virus scanning, installing new connectivity software products to support new technologies and new factory requirements, and leveraging the secure remote connectivity to perform remote virus scans on all files moving into the factory, manage ongoing equipment maintenance activities to keep tools up to date, audit production tools to address software end of service (EOS) issues, and avoid causing factory-wide downtime by introducing a virus.

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