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A smart factory brings together smart people, intelligent equipment, precision processes, and advanced automation software systems. Semiconductor factories around the globe – including the most demanding chip makers – trust our factory automation software to help them reduce risk and enable Smart Manufacturing.

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Semiconductor factories use our products to collect SECS/GEM data and high-volume EDA data from the manufacturing floor, control equipment, processes and workflows, monitor factory-wide performance, and test equipment for factory acceptance.

  • SDR™ is a multi-platform SECS driver used by semiconductor OEMs and factories to enable communication between equipment and factory systems.
  • PFSC™ helps you build station controllers easily and integrate the equipment on your manufacturing floor quickly.
  • PEER FACTORY® provides the foundation for a custom factory automation solution like a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
  • PEER EDA Tuner™ helps you create EDA data collection plans for collecting real-time SEMI E120 CEM data in the EDA format.

Choose how you want to work with us

To make your factory automation software project successful, you can decide the level of engagement up front.

How to work with us

Turnkey solutions

We provide complete manufacturing software solutions unique to your particular manufacturing process. These solutions can include standard data collection from equipment or can be factory-wide control solutions connecting thousands of pieces of equipment within one factory or between multiple facilities.

In a turnkey engagement, we manage the entire software lifecycle, turning your data into action. You can choose from the following services:

  • Full Manufacturing Execution System (MES) based on our PEER FACTORY® framework of components to tailor a solution to meet specific factory needs.
  • Extensions to your existing MES for things like performance monitoring, maintenance management, or Advanced Process Control (APC).
  • Integration with material handling systems for traceability.
  • Equipment interface (EI) and advanced station controller development and integration.
  • Automation Capabilities Management (ACM) to help device manufacturers understand and overcome standards-related automation issues or to reduce a factory’s start-up costs by accurately documenting automation requirements.
  • On-site acceptance testing and equipment troubleshooting to ensure quick and easy acceptance into the automated manufacturing environment.


In some cases, our factory customers use our products in their development projects and we help with the implementation. In these situations, PEER Group handles all of the project management activities so your team can focus your attention elsewhere.

Outsourcing and staff augmentation

Sometimes, expert PEER Group engineering resources become an integrated part of your team for a specified duration, providing manufacturing IT consulting, following your development process and using your assets. The work can occur remotely with PEER Group resources working from our offices, or at your site.

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