Automation Capabilities Management for IC manufacturers

Automation Capabilities Management (ACM) is a service offering to define and facilitate the factory automation objectives of semiconductor wafer manufacturing (fab) customers. ACM is a proven methodology and process that:

  • Assists in the development and definition of your semiconductor equipment automation requirements.
  • Communicates your semiconductor equipment automation requirements to the supplier community.
  • Establishes an equipment supplier’s automation capabilities and limitations at the start of the procurement cycle, early enough to protect your automation deployment plan.
  • Proactively manages equipment suppliers’ automation development activities.
  • Ensures that suppliers’ automation deliverables conform to your technical procurement requirements.

If the process is initiated early enough in the tool procurement cycle, the crucial semiconductor equipment automation deployment delays that are symptomatic of traditional tool procurement methodologies can be avoided. This leads to earlier EI deployment, a faster ramp to full production and future automation requirements “proofing”–all of which provide an unquestionable strategic advantage in terms of reduced product time-to-market and maximum manufacturing capacity at peak product pricing.

For more details, take a look at the ACM Information Sheet. [pdf]