FAST FW (legacy product)

Build a station controller for your high-tech factory

FAST FW™ is our legacy development framework that semiconductor factories used previously to build station controllers for equipment connectivity, job management, and data collection. FAST FW has been replaced by our next-generation station controller product, PFSC™.

FAST FW provides the foundation for factories to build stable, thin-client station controllers that comply with the SEMI Standards.

Factory tool

Our station controller framework provides for generic requirements common across all semiconductor manufacturers. It also allows you to add and deploy customer-specific extensions rapidly to meet your current and future manufacturing requirements. Fast FW integrates easily with other factory applications such as your MES, SPC, EDC and RMS, preserving and extending your existing investments.

Control your equipment and manufacturing processes

Built on top of our powerful EIB connectivity product, FAST FW can be configured to provide 200mm and 300mm SEMI Standards compliance, powerful data collection and EDA capabilities.

FAST FW promotes the use of customer-specific operational scenarios which reduces implementation and deployment time and costs. You can customize base station controller functionality to meet your unique manufacturing requirements.

Using FAST FW as your station controller platform, you can:

  • Leverage a library of Jobs and Job Steps representing generic business processes
  • Support material processing based on the concept of processing jobs (as defined by SEMI E40 and SEMI E94)
  • Configure a job engine to schedule and run material process jobs
  • Enable SEMI Standards compliance with 200mm and 300mm connectivity to your equipment
  • Add EDA data consumers to collect data from EDA-compliant equipment
  • Add general data collection consumers to collect run-time and historical data from your equipment including advanced time-series data collection
  • Integrate with manufacturing equipment around the world that has been designed with an EIB factory connection.
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