PEER FACTORY Station Controller (PFSC)

Integrate equipment into your factory faster than any other platform

PEER FACTORY® Station Controller (PFSC™) is an advanced platform for integrating equipment into an automated factory and developing station controllers for equipment on the manufacturing floor.

Say hello to fast, flexible equipment integration

A station controller provides a bridge between equipment and upstream factory systems. As the middleware in a factory automation software stack, a station controller consolidates disparate systems, so a developer needs to adopt new and revised factory requirements simultaneously, integrate equipment vendor changes at different times, and understand the interdependencies between factory systems. If you’ve developed a station controller before, you’ll know that this type of iterative development approach often results in unmanageable software and an evolving equipment schedule. The risk: untested changes that need long test cycles and equipment downtime for software updates.

Say good bye to the risks associated with traditional station controller approaches

Based on our proven automation and control technology used by hundreds of OEMs to automate their tools, PFSC’s customizable and extensible platform simplifies the process of integrating semiconductor equipment into your production environment. We’ve made it easy to connect disparate systems and adapt to constant iterations. Using our GUI-based designer, Composer, you can manage all aspects of your station controller design seamlessly, get ahead of engineering changes, and enable proactive instead of reactive updates. With our collection of discoverable components that connect factory systems and tools, you can design and adapt lot management, data collection, and visualizations quickly and easily. You can even go beyond traditional station controller capabilities and use the PFSC platform to add analytics, expanded visualization of your factory with “control room” and OEE views, and lot dispatch or scheduling logic.

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Build your station controllers the easy way

Because we’ve connected to more tools than any other company in the industry, we know there’s more to developing a station controller than understanding SECS messaging. We’ve built our deep understanding of tool behavior – essential in equipment characterization – into the PFSC product.

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Create station controllers quickly
  • Convert equipment GEM manuals into tool models quickly using built-in transformation and generation utilities.
  • Power through station controller business logic creation using a strongly-typed object model representing the tool.
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  • Add existing factory integration logic (MES, RMS) into your factory automation solution.
  • Benefit from built-in SEMI Standard compliance.
  • Leverage PFSC’s extensive library of PLC drivers to connect previously inaccessible tools to your factory.
  • Use pre-defined user interface (UI) screens or add your own within our modular GUI designer.
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  • React to revised factory requirements and evolving tool vendor changes by making updates at any time during station controller development – from initial discovery to final testing – without major disruption. (If you’ve built station controllers before, you’ll know that receiving version 2 of a GEM manual from a supplier after you’ve completed your logic can delay your schedule. Not with PFSC!)
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Stabilize, solidify, harden
  • Start your station controller long before the tool arrives with access to auto-generated proxies for tool simulators that provide an early, iterative, automated, test-driven development environment.
  • Leverage tool simulators for both happy path and abnormal scenario testing (race conditions, cascading lots, deadlocks, and parallelism) prior to equipment access.
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Drive continuous improvement
  • Gain new insights into your production with new data collection, visualizations, and charting added to your solution via configuration, without modifying the underlying code.
  • Implement continuous improvement initiatives that requalify then return tools and factory systems to production faster.
  • Go beyond traditional station controller capabilities; use the PFSC platform to add analytics, factory visualization like “control room” and OEE views, dispatch/scheduling logic, and more.

Turnkey, SDK, or hybrid solution?

Partner with PEER Group and discover our flexible approach to engineering services that will ensure the success of your factory automation solution.

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