Factory connectivity

Select the best connectivity product for your semiconductor factory

We offer the broadest selection of proven connectivity products for semiconductor factories, enabling reliable communication between equipment and factory systems for operations such as process job management, lot management, substrate movement, data collection, SPC, fault detection and advanced process control (APC).

SECS/GEM, GEM300 and EDA communications

Use this chart and the descriptions below it to help determine which product you need. Then, during a discovery call with our sales team, we will confirm the best solution for you based on a variety of factors.

Product Product type Communications Operating system
Framework Libraries SECS/GEM GEM300 EDA Windows Linux Solaris
EDA Tuner™ ** .NET X X
Factory product compatibility

**To enable EDA data collection in your factory, use PEER EDA Tuner plus PFSC.

PEER FACTORY® Station Controller (PFSC™) is a platform for integrating equipment into an automated factory quickly. Semiconductor factories use PFSC to build station controllers for every tool on the manufacturing floor, providing a generic communication layer between equipment and factory systems.

SDR™ is a multi-platform SECS driver for semiconductor factories and OEMs. Factories use it for integrating equipment SECS communication into factory control systems and applications running on Windows, Linux, or Solaris.

PEER EDA Tuner™ is a factory-side Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) software development kit (SDK) that factories use to build EDA data collection clients and create data collection plans for accessing real-time SEMI E120 CEM (Common Equipment Model) data in SEMI-compliant EDA format.

Note: our SECS4Hosts® legacy product has been replaced by our next-generation solution, PFSC.