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Most high-technology manufacturing has special characteristics which place particular demands on manufacturers. Our years of experience creating solutions for both factories and equipment makers in the semiconductor, electronics, and related industries ensures we have a deep understanding of the demands that you face.


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Your high-technology manufacturing facility requires a high degree of automation. The material must be kept clean at the micron or sub-micron level and the volume of parts produced is much too high for humans to achieve manually.
  • Your complex equipment works in an early stage of the manufacturing process (e.g., substrate, wafer fab, thin-film glass) which is highly process-oriented, requiring large amounts of data for advanced process control.
  • You are required to maintain your equipment in production through a solid preventive maintenance practice, ensuring uptime and improved operational results to provide optimal yield.

We build our factory automation software products and solutions to enable the sophisticated communications protocol needed to automate all of the material transport, recipe management, data collection, and process control requirements in these factories. And, because nearly all high-technology manufacturers have adopted the SEMI® standards for equipment connectivity, we ensure our products support the appropriate standards.