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MES solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturers need software providers that understand that time to market means everything. How do you launch a new product with leading-edge technology and unprecedented ramp-up time halfway around the world? You call PEER Group. We will deliver a flexible factory automation software solution that meets your launch and scale challenges, and supports your vision and expectations for success.

We design and develop high-performance, fault-tolerant and scalable Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and data collection solutions that increase process control. Our factory automation solutions enable Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) in the electronics industry and support lean manufacturing initiatives. We have extensive experience providing equipment connectivity and integration services for electronics assembly and we implement custom add-on modules for optimizing each electronics MES.

Support for 24×7 smart factories

Does your factory run 24×7? We have a proven track record of commissioning and providing continuous support for manufacturing systems in the field. Our solutions provide centralized management and remote monitoring capabilities to manufacturers with distributed processes and our support team is set up to address your needs anywhere, any time.

If your facilities span multiple time zones and continents, our software adds transparency for monitoring your distributed equipment and processes. Our support team can collaborate on issues remotely and your plant managers can monitor your information systems via the web, focusing on data collected during production or testing, regardless of where the manufacturing occurs.

Whether your focus is flexibility across your production lines or on increasing factory throughput, we understand the unique pressures you face every day. We will provide insight into your operations, leading to optimized equipment utilization, minimal equipment downtime and streamlined manufacturing processes without compromising the integrity and stability required in the electronics industry.

IIoT case study

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides the ability to connect objects, systems, and people around the globe. We take advantage of the IIoT in our factory automation software solutions for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

A major consumer electronics manufacturer needed a software system to track product during manufacturing and testing at three different facilities, and repair processes at multiple repair facilities around the globe. The three manufacturing factories each housed two thousand pieces of equipment (testing tools and servers), all running PEER Group software that monitored every step of the manufacturing process.

Each production unit had a unique identifier and every piece of collected data was contextualized to specific barcoded items, building a genealogy record for every unit. The PEER Group solution sent collected data through a virtual private cloud to central storage in a new data warehouse at corporate headquarters.

After product launch, units that required repair were returned to the closest repair centre. There, repair engineers re-ran tests and compared the test data against the original set of data for that particular unit. Experts analyzed the results and built new test processes then updated procedures based on the data in our software system. We pushed these new manufacturing processes to all sites simultaneously.

Because of the global remote connectivity and centralized data management capabilities in our solution, our customer was able to identify an overheating problem introduced in a specific manufacturing step using specific material at one specific factory location. Our customer used the data in our system to improve their decision making, identify actionable intelligence early, reduce manufacturing errors, improve their ability to resolve issues, and ultimately reduce their costs while creating a better end product.

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