MES solutions for solar module manufacturing

PEER Group® provides automation software products and services for PV panel manufacturing aimed at reducing the costs of factory automation. We are utilizing years of experience in semiconductor, electronics, and discrete assembly to quickly adapt our products and services to the diverse and rapidly changing photovoltaic automation requirements. For PV manufacturers seeking to get to market quickly and within budget, PEER Group has the industry’s largest selection of equipment connectivityautomation testingstation controllerremote equipment connectivity, and MES products to get the job done right the first time.

Solar module manufacturing technology is so specialized that commercial MES products don’t align well with the automation requirements. Excessive customization results in a patch-work solution that requires extensive testing and on-site integration. In the end, the solution functionality, system reliability and delivery schedule all suffer. Ultimately, costs go up and time-to-market is delayed.

For thin-film manufacturers with highly specialized manufacturing, PEER Group offers PEER FACTORY®, a framework of proven software components for building a tailored automation solution that aligns with your tight schedule, stringent budget, and ever-expanding requirements. While adjusting your new manufacturing process, we’ll develop a focused data collection system for your most critical equipment and then scale this common framework to create a full-featured MES capable of managing multiple high-volume production lines. You get the exact capabilities you need, when you need them.

PV automation standards

Through our leadership role in the PV Group of SEMI, we’re advancing the PV automation standards in order to meet manufacturing targets for productivity and yield.

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