Global fleet management for OEMs

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Enable your equipment for the smart factory of the future

Our OEM customers tell us they’re always looking for new ways to provide better service to their fab customers. What if you could minimize downtime on your tools? Our Smart Manufacturing products can feed data from a fab into any remote analytics package, allowing you to take a deep look at what is happening on your deployed equipment.

Work smarter: connect, analyze, and optimize

Because of the amount of data you generate, analytics software can predict equipment failures faster than manual observation and human investigation. The ability to analyze your data and collaborate on your tools from anywhere on the planet means you can work smarter.

Fleet Management graphic

Our global fleet management solution enables you to:

  • Connect to your equipment
  • Monitor performance across your entire fleet of tools
  • Detect potential problems easily
  • Make predictive decisions
  • Resolve issues rapidly
  • Minimize downtime

Optimize your tools for maximum efficiency

This video shows how an OEM uses our products to compare data collected from their entire fleet of tools. He detects a potential problem on one tool, then collaborates with a technician in the fab. Together, they troubleshoot the issue and alter the equipment data they want to collect and monitor remotely so they can ensure the problem never impacts throughput.

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