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Reduce your total cost of equipment ownership

When time to market is everything, semiconductor OEMs need to accelerate the introduction of new equipment into the fab. Our tool automation solution helps improve engineering productivity throughout the entire equipment delivery lifecycle including design, development, testing and support.Metrology tool

We can automate any type of semiconductor tool, freeing your team to focus on your core technologies that add real competitive value.

Equipment automation

Use our PEER Tool Orchestrator (PTO®) product to:

  • Complete your equipment development faster
  • Configure your tool for fab-specific operational scenarios based on the SEMI® standards (e.g., SEMI E84SEMI E87, and others)
  • Shorten fab acceptance time, and
  • Increase your equipment reliability in production.

Equipment testing and QA consulting

Many OEMs find it more cost-effective to rely on our test specialists for comprehensive testing so your software engineers can focus on product enhancements. We use our PEER FACTORY® Acceptance Tester (PFAT™) product to validate equipment automation and test fab-specific automation scenarios and equipment control software simultaneously.

Our QA consultants will help you evaluate current testing methods, set quality goals, and develop an overall quality strategy. The process—which typically lasts five days—can be adapted to your specific needs. We then provide you with a document containing a quality assurance assessment, gap analysis, and an action plan to implement an improved QA process. OEMs report lower start-up costs, faster fab sign-off, and higher equipment reliability.

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