Implement GEM (E30) communications on Windows, Linux or Solaris

GWGEM® is a GEM communications framework for implementing GEM (E30) on a Windows, Linux, or Solaris equipment control system.

SEMI capability Operating system
(Interface A)
Windows Linux Solaris Integration interface
 •  •    • C/C++ 
SEMI capability Operating system
(Interface A)
Windows Linux Solaris Integration interface

PEER Group’s GWGEM was the very first SECS/GEM product on the market in the early 1990s and has been installed in over 40,000 tools shipped over the past 15 years. GWGEM provides equipment manufacturers with a SECS/GEM connectivity solution that eases the task of equipment-to-host communication implementation, while complying with the SEMI generic equipment model (GEM) standard. GWGEM supports the SECS/GEM capabilities as specified in the latest published SEMI standard E30 as well as the SEMI PV2 standard which is a variation of GEM for the Photovoltaic industry. PEER Group’s involvement in SEMI standards activities provides users with regular updates, ensuring ongoing product compliance.

Easily adds Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) functionality with EIB® EDA (Equipment Information Bridge) which provides compliance to SEMI EDA standards such as SEMI E120SEMI E121SEMI E125SEMI E128SEMI E132 and SEMI E134.

Fast SECS/GEM implementation – high reliability in production

  • GWGEM provides an open architecture, extendable to meet unique SECS/GEM requirements.
  • The majority of generic and common equipment functionality is provided as standard. However, most equipment platforms have unique requirements and GWGEM adapts to these easily.
  • Configurable tables and a rich library of function calls minimize the time required to complete a fully functional SECS/GEM interface.
  • GWGEM’s foundation is built upon PEER Group’s SDR™ SECS Driver, the leading product for implementing SECS I and SECS II communications (SEMI E4SEMI E5SEMI E37).
  • GWGEM supports all Specific Equipment Model (SEM) extensions as defined by SEMI standards.
  • GWGEM runs on Windows, Red Hat Linux, WindRiver Linux and Solaris operating systems. Visit the release history for details.
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