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GEM4Tools, SECS4Hosts, and Plex4SECS

We have replaced the following connectivity products with next-generation solutions. Please contact PEER Group Sales to order runtime licenses for these legacy products or to learn more.


GEM4Tools™ adds SECS/GEM (SEMI E30) interface to any OPC-based equipment controller. It can be rapidly configured for equipment controllers based on Wonderware (InTouch), Siemens (CIMATIC), National Instruments (LabView), Rockwell (RSView), and GE (Cimplicity) or any other OPC-based control system that requires a SECS/GEM interface.

We have replaced GEM4Tools with a next-generation solution. Learn about EIB® GEM, our .NET GEM solution for OPC.


Plex4SECS™ is a Windows-based, software-only, multiplexer that enables multiple SECS/GEM hosts to communicate with a single tool. It can collect additional data from equipment without affecting existing station controller and lot processing applications.

We have replaced Plex4SECS with a next-generation solution. Learn about EIB®, our framework for providing SEMI Standards-compliance connectivity to factory host systems.


SECS4Hosts® is a configurable SECS/GEM software development environment for building mission-critical, Windows-based host applications. It uses a table-driven, GUI environment to quickly and easily create SECS-based equipment interfaces.

We have replaced SECS4Hosts with a next-generation solution. Learn about SDRPlus™, our high-performance 64-bit SECS driver for implementing SECS-II communications on equipment or factory control systems running Windows or Linux.