Add Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) on .NET

NexEDA™ is a .NET framework that semiconductor OEMs use to combine the GEM300 (300mm) automation capabilities of ConX300™ with the EDA capabilities of EIB® EDA.

Product type Communications Operating system
Framework Libraries SECS/GEM GEM300 EDA Windows Linux Solaris
NexEDA Compatibility

NexEDA is the first integrated software equipment connectivity product that fully complies with the latest 300mm standards and EDA requirements. Additionally, because NexEDA leverages EIB EDA (Equipment Information Bridge) technology, it sets a benchmark for quality and performance in distributed equipment environments, in which the data streams from various active tools and equipment are interconnected and interactive, both at the operational event level and the end-user controller level.

NexEDA is designed to meet the robustness and flexibility demands of mission-critical equipment software. It has been developed in Microsoft’s .NET environment, which allows NexEDA to incorporate new functionality in .NET as it becomes available. Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can take full advantage of .NET’s programming features, which benchmarking indicates can reduce integration time for NexEDA by as much as 50%. OEMs can utilize the .NET functionality even if the equipment controller itself is not .NET. For example, NexEDA’s use of inheritance allows OEMs to build better component-based control systems, improving reliability and reducing maintenance in a managed code environment. The .NET implementation also enables a number of other new features, including improved thread management, full object exposure, and multiple programming interfaces (C#, J#, VB#, C , COM).

NexEDA incorporates the full range of connectivity standards, including SECS/GEM (SEMI E4SEMI E5SEMI E30SEMI E37, SEMI PV2), the full suite comprising 300mm standards (SEMI E39SEMI E40SEMI E87SEMI E90SEMI E94, SEMI E109, SEMI E116, SEMI E148, SEMI 157), and the latest releases on SEMI EDA (SEMI E120SEMI E121SEMI E125SEMI E128SEMI E132, SEMI E134, and SEMI E138). EIB acts as a data server featuring multiple simultaneous connections utilizing multiple protocols such as SECS/GEM, XML/SOAP, DCOM, and .NET Remoting.

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