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Integrate SECS communication on Windows, Linux, and Solaris

SDR™ is a multi-platform SECS driver for semiconductor factories and OEMs.

  • Factories use it for integrating equipment SECS communication into factory control systems and applications running on Windows, Linux, or Solaris.
  • OEMs use it to implement SECS communication on any Windows, Linux or Solaris equipment control system.
SDR Compatibility
Product type Communications Operating system
Framework Libraries SECS/GEM GEM300 EDA Windows Linux Solaris

PEER Group’s SDR provides high-technology factories and their equipment suppliers with the connectivity solution required to implement the well established SEMI equipment communication standard (SECS). SDR is fully compliant with current releases of SEMI standards SEMI E4 (SECS I), SEMI E5 (SECS II) and SEMI E37 (HSMS) and is in wide use throughout the semiconductor industry and is considered the standard that other SECS implementations are measured against.

SECS communication reliability

  • The most popular SECS driver with over 60,000 licenses shipped.
  • SDR shortens development schedules and reduces risk by providing a SECS interface with the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • SDR handles the details of SECS, allowing customers to concentrate on their applications.
  • Standard, off-the-shelf SDR components ensure SECS interfaces are dependable and easy to maintain.
  • All SDR releases have the same application interface, allowing ease of migration and protecting software investments.
  • SDR runs on Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. Visit the release history for details.
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