Transfer simple data easily using SECS

SDR™ is a 32-bit SECS driver for implementing SECS-I and SECS-II communications on equipment or factory control systems running Windows, Linux, or Solaris.

SEMI capability Operating system
(Interface A)
Windows Linux Solaris Integration interface
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SEMI capability Operating system
(Interface A)
Windows Linux Solaris Integration interface

The industry’s most popular SECS driver provides the easiest and most reliable way to implement the SEMI equipment communication standard (SECS) messaging into your equipment or factory control system.

SDR provides a SECS interface and complies fully with current releases of SEMI E4 (SECS-I), SEMI E5 (SECS-II) and SEMI E37 (HSMS), making it easy to send and receive simple data (e.g., small variables and single messages) using SECS.

By using SDR for your connectivity solution, you will shorten your development schedules and reduce your risk: SDR handles the details of your SECS communication so you can concentrate on your applications. Take advantage of SDR’s standard, off-the-shelf components and you will also ensure your SECS connectivity solution remains dependable and easy to maintain.

SDR runs on Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems, and is Red Hat-certified.

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Adopt a higher-performance SECS driver for your Big Data

As your processing requirements become more complex, the amount of data moving through the SECS channel between equipment and factory host systems grows, so your connectivity solution needs to support increasing throughput and data requirements. If you need to move complex Big Data or if your solutions need the additional memory that a 64-bit architecture enables, you can take advantage of our higher-performance SECS driver, SDRPlus™.

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