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Take your equipment management and control to a new level with secure remote connectivity

Semiconductor device manufacturing is highly competitive and both equipment makers and device makers must innovate to deliver leading-edge products at a rapid pace. How do you maintain your tools in production to ensure optimal uptime and runtime, manage spare parts, and improve operational results and throughput? Can you audit your tools to ensure their operating systems and software are always up to date?

Team your experts with your tools and differentiate your equipment support and maintenance

For future tool improvements, support, and diagnostics, secure remote access to your deployed equipment and its data can give you a real competitive advantage.

We’ve made it easy: our cost-effective remote connectivity solution makes it possible for local service technicians in the fabs to collaborate with your tool experts who are often located on the other side of the globe.

Our Remicus™ product provides reliable, secure, and traceable remote connectivity to your deployed equipment, allowing the flow of operational and equipment processing data for optimal manufacturing intelligence.

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