Transform your equipment support model with secure remote connectivity

Remicus™ is a cloud-based remote connectivity product that semiconductor OEMs use to gain secure remote access to equipment and data, empowering geographically-dispersed experts to collaborate on deployed equipment from anywhere.

Manage your deployed tools from anywhere and get the right experts looking at the data

Pronounced reh-Me-cuss, the name is a combination of “remote” and a play on the Latin word for friend, amicus. Remicus enables the human cloud, allowing your distributed equipment experts to collaborate on equipment issues from anywhere in the world. Using Remicus, remote groups of your tool experts can work efficiently towards a common goal on equipment deployed inside a fab.

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Ease the introduction of new equipment and guarantee faster support time for issues in the fab

Remote access to your equipment will help you accelerate new deployments because you can detect and solve issues immediately. It will also help you provide continued support and maintenance on your deployed tools, regardless of where they are running.

Protect your equipment and the factory from cyber threats

You can also use Remicus to keep your tools cyber-safe. Perform remote virus scans on all files you move into the factory, manage your ongoing equipment maintenance activities to keep tools up to date, audit tools to address software end of service (EOS) issues, and avoid costly factory-wide downtime.

Minimize equipment downtime through better data acquisition and analysis

When you detect issues remotely, you can enable corrective actions on deployed equipment from anywhere.

Remote connectivity

Enable machine learning for predictive maintenance and problem-solving, then engineer better tools

Monitoring operations and vital data like OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in real time gives you deeper insight into equipment performance so you can make better decisions about your tools.

  • You can pull machine data out of the fab, then perform advanced analytics such as predictive maintenance to detect equipment inefficiencies sooner. This helps both you and the fab minimize downtime and obtain optimal equipment performance quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.
  • Make accelerated design modifications for current and future operations. This lets you develop new and improved products faster.
Remcius overview

Reduce your support and maintenance costs with more proactive alerts

Remicus enables feedback of manufacturing intelligence back into the fab and equipment, providing the means to securely access and deliver raw and structured machine data to users who can leverage its value. These activities increase productivity, efficiency, quality control, and operations while reducing costs for both you and the fab.

Turn information into action, while ensuring security

Interconnecting equipment and process data through a secure private encrypted network provides new opportunities to fabs and OEMs. However, the semiconductor industry is rightfully concerned about large volumes of sensitive data that can be available from different equipment components and stages in the manufacturing process. Fear not.

Remicus addresses the industry’s unique security requirements by providing multi-tier protection from cyber-security threats. We combine security technologies with engineering principles and processes to conform with the strictest firewall outbound policies, delivering tight perimeter control and site protection. Our solution provides secure access management functionality to control, track, report, and audit the information exchange between you and the fab, while ensuring the secure flow of approved information. And, we do not retain any of the data exchanged through Remicus, ensuring IP protection for both you and the fab.

Take advantage of new Remicus features deployed via the cloud

The Remicus subscription model allows you to take advantage of any new features we introduce automatically, as soon as they become available and we provide regular product updates to our cloud-based software. See the Remicus Release history for details.

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