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SEMI Standards

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SEMI Standards for Smart Manufacturing

SEMI® is a global industry association that serves the manufacturing supply chain for semiconductor, photovoltaics (PV), electronics, and other high-tech industries. SEMI governs the SEMI International Standards Program and has created the SEMI Standards, an evolving collection of technical agreements between suppliers and customers in the industry.

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The SEMI Automation Standards enable critical success factors for the industry, including Big Data acquisition and advanced analytics capabilities. Understanding the ins and outs of the standards is essential to our success as the industry’s largest supplier of factory automation software. Our leadership on several SEMI technology committees and task forces puts us in a unique position to offer commentary on a variety of focus areas.

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SEMI standards affected by EDA Freeze 3

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To learn more about the SEMI Standards, please click a link below:

  • SECS/GEM: Basic communications between factory host and production equipment
  • GEM300: 300mm SEMI Standards for automated production environments
  • SEMI PV2: Basic communications between factory host and production equipment in photovoltaic market
  • Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA): Standards which enable factories to support high-volume data collection
  • Definitions of standards: See a list of individual SEMI Standards with definitions and which of our products support each standard
  • Supported standards by product: See a list of PEER Group products with supported SEMI Standards for each product

Please note: we are active on various SEMI automation standards committees, and we review all updates to the standards as they are published. Whenever we release a new version of a PEER Group product, we specify compliance to specific versions of the SEMI standards. Your product version might also support later versions of a SEMI standard since many updates to the standards are editorial, part of a regular 5-year renewal cycle, or have no effect on your product’s functionality. To inquire about support for more recent versions of any SEMI standard, please contact our technical support team through our secure customer support portal.

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Supported standards by product
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