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SEMI automation standards leadership

SEMI LogoPEER Group actively participates in SEMI automation standards development including review and discussion with other industry participants. We are voting members in several SEMI committees, representing the needs of our customers – both end users and OEMs – ensuring that industry objectives can be met cost effectively.

We attend SEMI’s spring, SEMICON West and fall standards meetings where industry participants drive standardization forward in a number of fronts. We’re focused most heavily on automation communications using SECS/GEM and Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) for semiconductor manufacturing and the adoption of these standards to other industries such as photovoltaic, FPD, and HB-LED. We also support new initiatives in areas such as manufacturing productivity, security, safety, and green policies from an automation perspective.

To learn more, visit the SEMI website: SEMI Standards Program.

SEMI technology committee, task force and SIG leadership

Our automation experts participate on a number of technology committees where we provide leadership on existing and emerging focus areas.

SEMI LogoAlbert Fuchigami, senior software developer at PEER Group, co-leads SEMI’s DDA Task Force, part of the North America Information & Control Technical Committee. The DDA Task Force manages (i.e., supports and refines) the Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) interface standard suite which includes SEMI E120SEMI E125SEMI E128SEMI E132SEMI E134SEMI E138SEMI E145 and SEMI E164. The DDA Task Force also works to define EDA freezes, ensuring a stable set of EDA standard versions, making it easier for fabs and equipment suppliers to implement and support the EDA interface.

SEMI International Standards Christian Hoffmann, senior project engineer at PEER Group GmbH, co-chairs the Global Automation Technology Committee. This technical committee evolved from SEMI’s former PV Automation Standards Committee but the limitation on PV has been removed and the comittee has broadened its focus to include all manufacturing automation technology. The expanded mandate promotes improved communication between users and suppliers of automation systems and capabilities to enhance manufacturing automation practices and efficiencies in all industries.

Eberhard Teichmann, chief engineer at PEER Group GmbH previously co-chaired the European PV Automation Standards Committee and was actively involved in the International PV Equipment Interface Specification Task Force.

To learn more, visit the SEMI website: SEMI Global Automation Technology Committee.

SEMI International Standards

Since its inception, PEER Group has been actively involved in applying proven semiconductor software automation standards to high brightness LED manufacturing.

The Automation Software Working Group meets several times during the year as well as during SEMI’s spring, SEMICON West and fall meetings. PEER Group is a key participant at these meetings.

To learn more, visit the SEMI website: SEMI HB-LED Technical Committee.


Along with other leaders in the semiconductor industry, our product evangelist, Doug Suerich is a member of the SEMI Smart Manufacturing Technology Community that provides guidance and aims to build core capabilities to enable Smart Manufacturing across the microelectronics supply chain through standards, awareness, collaboration, and networking. Together, they:

  • Look at the challenges (e.g., predictive maintenance) faced by semiconductor device manufacturers, and attempt to understand what can be done to overcome such barriers.
  • Monitor communications protocols and the SEMI standards to ensure that Smart Manufacturing needs are reflected.
  • Liaise with other advocates for Smart Manufacturing to stay up-to-date on best practices and initiatives.

To learn more, visit the SEMI website:


Michael Arnold, our Managing Director of PEER Group GmbH chairs the SEMI® Smart Manufacturing Technology Community (TC) in Europe. This TC is the collective platform for understanding Smart Manufacturing and how it relates to the semiconductor industry in Europe and on a global scale. The TC members collaborate, research, educate, and promote awareness of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 issues and initiatives across the electronics manufacturing and design industry.


The Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems (SCIS) Special Interest Group (SIG) represents companies that produce, package, and/or distribute components, instruments, and subsystems. The SIG’s goal is to establish a baseline and consistent methodologies for measuring defects introduced by process-critical components.

One of the SCIS SIG’s subcommittees is studying secure remote access for sharing data between equipment suppliers and fabs. Because of PEER Group’s leadership in secure remote connectivity, the subcommittee approached our product evangelist, Doug Suerich, and invited him to participate.

To learn more, visit the SEMI website: Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems Special Interest Group


Michael Arnold, Managing Director of PEER Group GmbH, is a member of the Semiconductor Technology Programs Committee of SEMI Europe. The committee is comprised of a group of experts and influential leaders to guide and support SEMI Europe.

To learn more, visit the SEMI website: Semiconductor Technology Programs Committee (STC) Members.


We also provide leadership on technology committees that are not affiliated with the SEMI automation standards but help move the semiconductor industry forward.

Silicon Saxony logoAlong with other semiconductor industry leaders, Dr. Michael Arnold, Managing Director of PEER Group GmbH, is a Silicon Saxony Board Member. With over 300 members, Silicon Saxony is one of Europe‘s most successful trade associations for the semiconductor, electronic, microsystems and software industries. The association links commercial enterprises, research institutes, universities and colleges. Michael’s participation on the board allows him to network with other industry leaders, associations, and expert committees.

To learn more, visit

iNIEMI LogoiNEMI roadmaps the future technology requirements of the global electronics industry. PEER Group participates in the Factory System roadmap, which identifies opportunities for automation to reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality. We leverage our experience in semiconductor manufacturing automation software for use in the electronics industry.

To learn more, visit the iNEMI website: iNEMI – International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative.

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