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SECS/GEM and SEMI automation standards testing

We offer a range of products to test different aspects of SECS communication on semiconductor equipment, including SEMI automation standards compliance, protocol testing, and scenario testing.

SECSIM Pro®+ and its earlier versions, SECSIM® and SECSIM Pro®, have provided communication testing to the semiconductor and other high-technology industries for decades. It continues to be the most popular SECS/GEM test product with thousands of users worldwide.

However, fast-changing market conditions and shorter IC product life cycles continue to make increased demands on the speed for equipment procurement. New equipment must be delivered quickly and introduced into a highly automated production environment flawlessly. Unfortunately, the problem is made more difficult with evolving SECS/GEM automation standards, unique fab manufacturing methods, and rapidly changing equipment designs. The only way to ensure that equipment goes into automated production quickly and reliably is with high-quality testing programs.

For years, both fabs and OEMs have used CCS Envoy™ for automation testing of semiconductor equipment for compliance with the SEMI factory automation standards. Recently, fabs have started to demand that OEMs also execute their unique operational scenarios as part of a quality assurance process. PEER FACTORY® Acceptance Tester (PFAT™) complements CCS Envoy with a flexible, dynamic SECS/GEM emulator capability.

CCS Envoy and PFAT are used independently but often in sequence: users typically complete standards testing using CCS Envoy, then follow with dynamic testing using PFAT. For mature equipment models with a history of consistent adherence to standards, users concentrate their automation testing on fab-specific operational scenarios using PFAT. The combined use of CCS Envoy and PFAT enables both fabs and OEMs to reduce the cost of equipment procurement.

We also offer our Digital Data & Control Tester (DiDaCT) product which semiconductor OEMs use to run fab-approved scenarios – e.g., SEMI E84 (Carrier Handoff) test plans – for equipment.

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